Proximex Surveillint steps up deployment, task management features in latest release

Proximex Surveillint steps up deployment, task management features in latest release

Tyco Security Products has announced the release of version 8.1 of its Proximex Surveillint PSIM solution, which offer new capabilities for faster configuration, deployment and management of alerts so security operations personnel can respond more quickly and appropriately to events.

Under the user-friendly centralized deployment and configuration wizard, integrators can create and configure event and video integration modules, manage sensors, zones or areas, and design operator tasks and configure related rules within the Surveillint Enterprise or Essentials products.

“The evolution of Surveillint is predicated on making it faster for integrators to deploy and more intuitive for users so they can get the fullest level of benefits from their PSIM solution,” said Kristy Dunchak, Director, Product Management, Integration Platforms, Tyco Security Products. “The improvements to the deployment tool and new operator task management features speak to our ongoing focus on ease of use.”

Many sites want to have the ability to specify a series of operator actions to be performed when certain types of alerts are received. With the Operator Task Module, Surveillint 8.1 enables administrators to define multiple step tasks within the Operation Console through an intuitive drag-and-drop Operator Task Designer GUI. These tasks may then be deployed using the Tasks Rule Manager, which enables administrators to define alert collapsing rules as well as a hierarchy of rules for specifying when operator tasks should be executed. Operators can follows the action on a display panel in the alert details window and optionally escalate or reassign specific tasks as necessary.

Surveillint can also now export reports in Excel format, including information on alert details, badge use tracking, suspect tracking and search and report data.

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