VIVOTEK's Panoramic PTZ and IP8365H provide security for Turkish Soil and Water Conservation Bureau

VIVOTEK's Panoramic PTZ and IP8365H provide security for Turkish Soil and Water Conservation Bureau
The Turkish Soil and Water Conservation Bureau: Protecting Turkey’s Most Precious Resources
The Turkish Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (TSWCB) works tirelessly to protect and preserve vital natural treasures for future generations of Turkish people. The TSWCB’s work is considered fundamental to the health and security of Turkey, as well as important for its ongoing development as a nation.  
The challenge: the establishment of a new plant-monitoring office
In 2015, the TSWCB realized the need to provide surveillance and thus security to its office site. To fulfill this important task, the bureau decided to establish a purpose-built central monitoring office from which the entire area could be monitored and secured. The office’s broad open spaces not only needed to be covered in wide-angle views, but individual areas of interest would also need to be studied closely and in fine detail. To make the challenge even greater, outdoor areas were subject to high-contrast lighting conditions during the day and very low light at night. The TSWCB reached out to systems integrator Fibercom and distributors ONCU.
The solution: VIVOTEK — far and wide or up close, panoramic PTZ had the plant covered
Fibercom and ONCU had a simple answer to this complex challenge — VIVOTEK. To provide both wide coverage and close detail, VIVOTEK developed the Panoramic PTZ solution, combining the wide range of a fisheye network camera and the high speed zoom and fine detail of a speed dome network camera. Panoramic PTZ combines these two unique cameras into one powerful, all-seeing surveillance system.

At the monitoring station, the combination of the VIVOTEK FE8174V 5-megapixel fisheye network camera and the VIVOTEK speed dome network camera SD8364E allow users to simultaneously monitor an area overview from a fisheye model while providing the capability for a detailed regional view from a speed dome. The VIVOTEK megapixel fisheye camera provides a 360-degree surround view without blind spots, while the VIVOTEK speed dome provides fast, precise pan/tilt/zoom movement and captures details with precise quality from extreme distances. With this perfect pairing of hi-tech cameras, every inch of the office site could be tightly monitored and recorded.  

Securing Turkey’s water is a 24/7 task — VIVOTEK’s IP8365H sees the right light, all day, all night
The office grounds also needed to be protected no matter what the lighting conditions, no matter what time of day or night. To provide superb image quality in any light, Fibercom and ONCU reached for VIVOTEK’s IP8365H bullet network camera.

The IP8365H features wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, which improves a camera’s image quality under high-contrast lighting conditions where both dimly and brightly lit areas are present in the field of view. Thus WDR allowed the monitoring office to view clear and vivid images even in the harshest glaring light.

A professional day/night camera, the IP8365H is armed with 30-meter IR and smart IR technology which prevents overexposure by adjusting the IR lighting intensity instantaneously based on the changes of light in the ambient environment. To add to this, the camera is also equipped with 3D Noise Reduction Technology, which enables the IP8365H to capture clear, polished video under low-light conditions and reduce bandwidth from sensor noise.

Finally, tying the whole system together, VAST — VIVOTEK’s professional video/central management software — manages all 100 VIVOTEK IP surveillance cameras installed at the office site. VAST’s intuitive operating system allows the team at the monitoring station to seamlessly manage both the Panoramic PTZ system and the IP8365H and perform remote management of all of the cameras.


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