EverFocus Pre-Announces the Release of eZ.HD 1080p Series

EverFocus Pre-Announces the Release of eZ.HD 1080p Series
Taipei, Taiwan (September 29, 2015) EverFocus is glad to announce the release of its eZ.HD 1080p series. As the trend of high-definition continues, eZ.HD has upgraded to 1080p to get clearer images. In any application, such as plaza, bank, store, street, sports, and so on, the eZ.HD 1080p series takes you to a new realm in the “HD world.”
What advantages will be offered by eZ.HD 1080p series?
Low illumination performance
The EverFocus HD 1080P series cameras solved the low illumination performance issues to achieve good image even in faint light. With a SONY sensor, the cameras have amazing low illumination performance without IR or an added light source. They have the capability to capture high-clarity images under low light/illumination conditions.
eZ Controller
EverFocus HD 1080P series cameras have built-in eZ controller functions. This function allows users to make changes to camera settings without operating it directly. It could save your precious installation and setting hours without the hassle of adjustment. Enjoy the great convenience of the EverFoucs eZ controller.
SONY Sensors 1/2.9” 2.24 MP CMOS
As EverFocus only focuses on high-quality products, the EverFocus HD 1080P series cameras come with a SONY sensor and processing technology to ensure the highest resolution and the highest sensitivity possible.
The EverFocus 1080PHD DVR with 4CH and 8CH supports looping  functions. Looping is the function whereby live streams are sent directly via a 75 ohm coaxial cable to anther monitor, or video signals are sent from that particular camera to the second device. The monitor would only display the surveillance video from that particular camera.
Wide Dynamic Range
The EverFocus HD 1080P series cameras offer an impressive range of features. Especially, the Wide Dynamic Range function provides clear images under backlight circumstances where intensity of illumination varies excessively.
Automatic day/night functionality guarantees optimal picture quality even when there is no light around. You could still see clearly. EverFocus’ wide dynamic range solves the problem of overexposed images by taking the better of two pictures with different light references.
ONVIF available
Like all EeverFocus hardware, the HD 1080P series is based on a set of open communication protocols. They are also fully compliant with ONVIF, a widely used industry standard ensuring trouble-free interoperability between products of different brands. Moreover, the settings can be configured and monitored remotely over a wireless network or LAN/ WAN. Combining with EverFocus’ highly integrated central management software Genie XMS, users are able to access simultaneous management and monitoring of all surveillance devices for easy integration into hybrid environments.

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