Dahua announces full-featured video management system, DSS

Dahua announces full-featured video management system, DSS

Dahua Technology, a leader in the professional security market, has a full-featured video management system (VMS) product family named DSS. DSS is available as a pure software product for installation on customer hardware when required. Advanced DSS appliances are also available from Dahua. The DSS7016 series and DSS4004 series are state-of-the-art integrated appliances. The integrated appliances share a common software base, but the appliance hardware is designed to optimize performance with the rigorous demands of a video management server.

DSS appliances and software provide the very best level of support while maintaining an easy-to-use interface for operators and technicians. Features include: live viewing, playback, storage management, video display management (e.g., video walls, matrix controllers, and monitors), 2-way audio control, and other advanced features. Some of the advanced feature support includes: POS integration with data sync and intelligent video analysis to aid in event identification (e.g., tripwire, intrusion, object abandonment, object missing, people counting, etc.), and e-map (floor plans with camera locations).

Advantages of DSS

  • Reliable & multi-functional: the embedded Linux operating system provides reliable platform support which is protected from malicious software attack.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient: appliance integration provides maximum performance and reduces the total cost of ownership by reducing hardware costs, energy costs, and maintenance costs.
  • Hot spare: hot standby mode can improve the stability of system, if the active server fails or disconnects the hot standby server changes to active mode automatically and the system keeps on work normally.
  • Easy installation: the pre-configured appliance only requires a simple power-on boot and connection to your security equipment network.
  • Easy access: easy access to DSS system via browser, client-end or mobile client, anytime and anywhere.
  • Open third-party friendly platform: open platform SDK supports partners to develop their own features and applications. DSS offers support for Windows, iOS, Android, ONVIF devices, third-party equipment as well.

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