Milestone makes access control visual for Finnish company

Milestone makes access control visual for Finnish company
The Milestone Systems XProtect access control module is being used by Turvatiimi Oyj, a Finnish security company, to ensure a fully integrated, visual access control security system to protect the company's new premises.

The Finnish security company had various requirements that their new security system needed to fulfill: handling visitors securely and efficiently, restricting tailgating, avoiding access card misuse and  'spoofing' of access which is when someone gain unauthorized access by falsifying their identity. Since these needs are all inherent risks in traditional access control systems, Turvatiimi Oyj's high security needs could not have been met with such a system. Their new Milestone-Axis security system has enabled the company to easily keep track of all individuals on the premises, while providing excellent service to visitors.

The Milestone XProtect access control module has made it possible to integrate Axis Communications' access control units with Milestone's video management software XProtect Professional for an efficient and future-proof visual access control system. The system has been installed to ensure a secure working environment without compromising the convenient interaction between employees working in different parts of the building and the company's visitors.

The headquarters in Vantaa has multiple offices equipped with access control. In total, 19 doors are continuously monitored via the Milestone XProtect smart client video interface. Thanks to the access control module, Turvatiimi Oyj has an integrated visual solution that maintains a high level of security for the company's 50 employees and many daily visitors.

There are 18 Axis cameras and 19 axis access control units installed at the headquarters. All are managed by Milestone's video management software with full integration to the door controllers using the access control module. All employees now have access tokens that can be used at all locations. The system integrates fully with the Responda 113 alarm system, ensuring rapid and informed response if unauthorized access is detected by the system.

"We will use the integrated access control system at all our locations. This will give us the same access control tokens at all our sites, with centralized control at the same time," says Mika Bragge. "So far, the experience with the integrated video and access control solution is very positive. The system is fast for reacting and gives immediate information on incidents."

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