eyevis and WEY modernize TIWAG power plant control room in Austria

eyevis and WEY modernize TIWAG power plant control room in Austria
eyevis, the Reutlingen manufacturer of visualization solutions and WEY, the Swiss-based, globally-active technology company have installed a large screen display and a WEY Distribution Platform (state-of-the-art KVM switching solution) in TIWAG's dispatching center in Innsbruck, Austria. The Dispatching Center oversees the entire energy management of the TIWAG power plants and is staffed around the clock, seven days a week to meet the high requirements of security and stability standards.

The scope of the project includes: two high-performance workplaces each with six screens, two hot-standby workplaces each with four screens, and an eyevis video wall solution consisting of a 3×2 stackable and seamless, ultra-thin bezel 55” full high definition LCD monitors, a NetPix Graphic Controller and eyeCON Wall Management software.

The professional video wall LCDs from eyevis not only fully satisfied the client's technical requirements, but also take advantage of the units' sleek design to maximize the use of limited space in the control room. The video wall is visible from both of the main workplaces and provides an optimal overview for the operators as well as the opportunity to present high resolution pictures on several screens in superior quality.

All the PCs (up to 12 sources and a satellite receiver) and the video wall controller are connected by the WEY Distribution Platform (Workplace Management System). These sources are all controlled by a single WEY Smart Touch Multifunctional keyboard on each desk, and can be displayed on any of workplace screens or the large eyevis video wall with the press of button. Content which can be displayed includes that from system cameras, pictures or online information from control systems and television channels.

"Thanks to the new visualization system from eyevis and the control options made possible by the WEY Distribution Platform in conjunction with WEY multifunctional keyboards, our dispatching center has become more user-friendly and efficient. The modern and efficient equipment creates a working environment which not only enhances productivity but is also comfortable," noted Markus Watscher, Head of the Dispatching Center for TIWAG.

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