Bosch announces TrackMyTools for intelligent inventory management

Bosch announces TrackMyTools for intelligent inventory management

Bosch Security Systems has announced TrackMyTools, an intelligent inventory management solution that lets users know where their tools are at all times and provides quick, up-to-date overview of all the equipment in their companies.

The server-based solution for managing and locating equipment within a business will be available from October onwards and offers two significant benefits: Firstly, TrackMyTools gives inventory managers access to all the required data on the company's inventory whenever they need it. Secondly, it lets tradespeople know where their tools are at all times, and tells them whether they have all the necessary equipment with them when they are about to attend a call-out or go on site. Therefore no tools are lost, there's no need to search and no time is wasted: TrackMyTools optimizes the workflow, saves time and increases a business's productivity.

Bosch not only has taken advantage of the ability to connect electronic devices to the Internet, but also of the increasing use of smartphones in order to provide professionals with innovative solutions and products. Examples of this include the Bosch Toolbox app and the connected GLM 100 C Professional laser measure. With TrackMyTools, Bosch is making one step further. This system solution comprises three components: The battery-operated GCC 30 TrackTag Professional Bluetooth module, the web app for PCs and laptops, and the TrackMyTools mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

Hardware: the GCC 30 TrackTag Professional Bluetooth module
The small (34 x 32 mm and lightweight (18 g) GCC 30 TrackTag Professional Bluetooth module can be permanently affixed to any piece of equipment using the two-component adhesive provided, e.g. attach it to your tools, the L-Boxx or an accessories case. The accessory GCA 30-9 Professional is available for wired devices. This allows the module to be easily secured to the cable. Every eight seconds, the module sends out a Bluetooth low-energy signal. Smartphones and tablets that have the TrackMyTools mobile app installed pick up this signal within a radius of up to 30 metres and send it to the server, along with time data, user data and the most recent location data for the piece of equipment.

Software for inventory managers: the web app for PCs and laptops
The web app for PCs and laptops provides inventory managers with access to the software, which is used to manage all the equipment. To set this up, inventory managers must log into TrackMyTools online, as a one-off activity manually enter the details of all the tools and equipment into the system, and then pair each of these with a GCC 30 TrackTag Professional. The system makes it easy for them to then assign these tools and equipment to employees and retrieve all the information required for planning jobs from the server. Inventory managers are able to keep track of which employee has which piece of equipment at all times. This optimizes inventory management and minimizes the amount of lost time due to overcomplicated working practices, and prevents the kind of errors that arise as a result of manually maintaining inventory lists.

For employees: the TrackMyTools mobile app for smartphones and tablets
The mobile app provides employees with access to the software. Once a user account has been created for them, they can access TrackMyTools wherever they are from a smartphone or tablet to check whether all the tools they require are nearby. If a piece of equipment has been lost, it can be located by identifying the location to which it was last tracked. If a tool fails when in use at the work site, all the employee has to do is report this via the app and the inventory manager can then set about organizing a replacement. In addition to the employee's own equipment, they can also see what equipment their colleagues are using. This allows employees to quickly check amongst one another whether the tool they require can be loaned to them by a colleague. TrackMyTools will be available at specialist retail outlets from October 2015.

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