Integrated voice calling gives Synergy users comms control

Integrated voice calling gives Synergy users comms control

Synectics' Synergy 3 command and control platform is now integrated with Swyx unified communications software, enabling security/surveillance operators to make and receive calls as part of rapid response protocols.

The SwyxWare integration effectively make Synergy 3 a universal communications portal for the host organization.

The SwyxWare integration effectively makes Synergy 3 a universal communications portal for the host organization. With Synergy functioning as a single, unified platform and one audio device (such as a telephone or headset), operators can communicate with users of any other SIP/VOIP connected device on the network, including the legacy telephony systems, along with SIP conformant PA systems and Help Points.

Synergy 3 already offers integrated surveillance video, data, and alarm management. The addition of integrated voice calling is a natural progression – one that Synectics' Product and Technology Director, David Aindow, feels will particularly benefit transport, high security, critical infrastructure, oil & gas, and other public space settings where rapid response to issues, threats, or accidents is critical.

Aindow said, "Synectics' product development ethos has always focused on open architecture – on embracing third party integrations that offer real, practical benefit to our customers. SwyxWare makes a perfect example of this by offering us connectivity to SIP/VOIP enabled audio systems.

"In the event of an imminent threat or actual incident, control room operators can utilize the voice client in Synergy 3 to alert staff, response teams, and also external agencies such as the emergency services. The integration also enables automated situational reports in response to calls (for example from a repair team fixing a machinery malfunction) to be fed back through the system and logged as part of audit trail data.

"Many of our customers operate in mission critical conditions where the speed of response can be the difference between a minor incident and a major safety or security breach. The ability to blend situational awareness with audio functionality is an asset and helps customers achieve response efficiencies.”

The SwyxWare integration complements Synergy 3's emergency and operational response workflows which automatically guide control room operatives through correct protocols on detection of specific threat or incident scenarios.

In addition to manually initiated voice calls, the system can be pre-programmed to generate automated calls if specific alarms or alerts are triggered. For example, the solution could be set-up to immediately call police in the event of a perimeter breach or if "left items" are detected such as abandoned cases at a train station or airport.

Mark Russell, Director of Operations of U.K. and Ireland at Swyx commented, "We are delighted that Synectics has decided to integrate SwyxWare into its Synergy command and control platform. Unlike other unified communications solutions that are fixed or proprietary, Swyx is based on an open platform structure that enables businesses like Synectics to offer their customers added value by reflecting and accommodating distinct communications needs – in this case, needs specific to protecting secure and often hazardous environments."

At present, the Synergy/SwyxWare integration is focused on communication between "traditional" comms devices such as mobiles, landlines, laptops, and tablets, but as Swyx is compatible with any IP-based application, this technology base may include devices such as IP cameras, public address, and door entry systems.

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