Matrix provides call management solution for India Infoline

Matrix provides call management solution for India Infoline
India Infoline is a renowned name in BFSI industry operating through large retail model, serving more than 2 million customers. With an objective of providing unique customer experience consistently in high call traffic and efficiently delivering financial services such as mutual funds, insurance and credits, India Infoline required a robust and reliable communication system.


The customer has a large customer base across varied locations. The company required a communication system that can support such heavy call flow and simultaneous calling for each of their employees, thus reducing communication delay.

Matrix along with its Delhi based channel partner - Corporate Tele Systems offered ETERNITY LE as a a communication solution with PRI trunk support to IIFL ’s new four floored office accommodating 600+ employees. ETERNITY LE is a compact, single rack solution supporting up to 1500 ports and offers cutting-edge functionality eliminating the need of large power stations and multiple cabinets.

Simultaneous Calling for each employee in the office
With the requirement of 50+ PRI trunk support, customers opted for ETERNITY LE for each floor of their office for simultaneous outbound calling.

Support to future scalability plans
ETERNITY LE perfectly sufficed their present user requirement and still kept them open for future scalability plans, be it on trunk or user end. Results Low Terminating Cost of PRI Lines as Compared to Analog Lines for Each User Reduced Concentration of Call Traffic by 40% Future-proof Solution with Scalability for Further Expansion Plans

Matrix India Infoline ETERNITY LE

  • Low terminating cost of PRI lines as compared to analog lines for each user
  • Reduced concentration of call traffic by 40%
  • Future-proof solution with scalability for further expansion plans

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