SCATI provides centralized security in 300 ATMs in Colombia

SCATI provides centralized security in 300 ATMs in Colombia

SCATI reduces ATM fraud thanks to its SCATI CASH solution, which ensures transaction traceability in ATMs by associating ATM transactions with video.

The financial institution has more than 400 branches in the Andean country, proof of its solid leadership in the market and its strong international footprint. The purpose of the project was to equip its network of over 300 ATMs throughout the country with the latest fraud prevention measures. The application of state-of-the-art technology is one of the entity's commitments and differentiates it from its competitors.

SCATI CASH is a specific solution used to reduce fraud in branch and remote ATMs by associating transactions with video and improving transaction traceability. SCATI CASH makes it easier to detect frauds in real time, checks good practices in users and their cards and improves preventive security by activating automatic protocols if suspicious behaviour is detected. The entity has implemented other SCATI SUITE tools that are fully integrated with the rest of the applications and devices installed throughout the plant of video recorders (corporate buildings, offices, etc.) and therefore facilitate comprehensive security management from the control centre. SCATI software tools can be integrated with the bank's alarm panel so the user receives information in real time as to whether the branch is open or closed, thereby reducing possible robberies or intrusions.

The SCATI ROUND tool provides automated and remote maintenance of all the equipment, thereby facilitating preventive fault detection in devices. It is also a key element in the management of a scalable system thanks to its capability to program bulk operations on groups of recorders, such as configurations, updates, etc.

This software manages preventive maintenance by carrying out remote problem diagnosis and constant monitoring of equipment status. It also enhances task execution on recorders, such as time zone synchronisation or automatic bulk downloads. Its web interface can be used for searches and to obtain statistics, as well as to generate reports.

The SCATI platform automates the search and query processes in stored video for multiple cameras, as well as real-time monitoring. The purpose is to eliminate manual operation and improve incident response times. These tools give operators the capacity to program alerts generated by ATM transactions with a card number and amount, and POS transactions, without needing to stop the recording and then associate them with the video from the more than 1,000 cameras installed in the ATM plant.

The incorporation of video-monitoring reduces fraud committed in the financial institution by identifying criminal groups and suspicious activities in its ATMs. This is used to activate protocols that ensure rapid and efficient management of any incident that may occur.

Forensic security is one the most notable advantages of the SCATI VISION solution. SCATI VISION's image processing tools and the option of associating external events to the video via physical ports enables the software to perform advanced video searches, thereby saving operator time and streamlining investigations.

In overall terms, the SCATI video-surveillance solution can adapt to the needs of the financial institution to provide a speedy and effective response to any events or incidents that may arise in the more than 300 ATMs distributed throughout the country.

In addition, the flexible nature of the platform and its high capability to adapt to the needs of the bank and the legal and technological changes that the future holds makes it even more advantageous for the institution. Additional benefits are resource optimisation by generating automated tasks, fraud reduction and the automatic remote supervision and management of a large number of distributed devices.

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