GKB optimizes security system in Imperial Hotel Cebu in the Philippines

GKB optimizes security system in Imperial Hotel Cebu in the Philippines

The Imperial Palace Hotel and Resort is one of the luxury hotels located in Cebu which was rated by Times Magazine as the best hotel in Asia. The requirements for this project is to monitor the facility, providing high resolution image, allowing multiple view among cameras, requiring sufficient recoding retention days, and an unified alarm platform for CCTV and various sensors.

Firstly, GKB provides two separated NVRs GKB D3622TIR and GKB D3631TIR to meet the retention recording 30 days. Secondly, in order to deploy a unified video alarm platform with existing fire and smoke sensors, GKB chose to install IVAST (Integrated Video Alarm& Surveillance Technology) which receives alarm triggering signals directly from cameras which acting as an independent station from NVR. As for screen display, Imperial hotel uses Viewer11 which allows several security guards to access different NVRs to obtain live recording and playback. Such authorized accessing management is under privacy protection so that customers can not only manage with great convenience but also worry free from recording being hacked.

Products Installed
In this project, the Imperial hotel has installed GKB D3631TIR and GKB D3622TIR.

The greatest benefit would be an IVAST platform which enables fire and smoke detecting sensors being alarmed and notified on the monitoring screen. Such function brings easiness of operation and instant notification of fire and smoke emergency events. Moreover, GKB provides exclusive solutions and the most cost effective pricing with great warranted products duration and reliable installation service.

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