VIVOTEK's total surveillance systems deployed by casino in North Cyprus

VIVOTEK's total surveillance systems deployed by casino in North Cyprus

The Acapulco Resort, North Cyprus: Cyprus Tradition Meets Western Comfort
Located on the sparkling white sands of one of Northern Cyprus's most naturally beautiful beaches, and looking out over the shallow, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, the Acapulco Resort (North Cyprus) is not just a place to relax and have fun, it is a place to be seen. As well as a long, 1km stretch of golden sand beach, offering a wide range of water-sports, the resort also features the biggest pool complex in Northern Cyprus, replete with a waterfall and a sunken bar. And in the evening, as the sun melts into the ocean, the Acapulco Resort creates its own bright lights, with an extensive array of restaurants, an open air disco and bar, and the stylish, high-class Pasha casino.

The Challenge: A New Security System, Stylish and State of the Art, was Needed for the Casino
In any luxurious holiday resort, the safety of the guests and their personal belongings is of utmost importance and the Acapulco Resort spares no expense in this department. However, one area of the Resort has always posed the greatest challenge for any security system – that is the extensive and stylish Pasha Casino. While the casino is built for the comfort and entertainment of the Resort's high-rolling guests and thus must present an elegant face, the gaming area also needs to be monitored closely to ensure fair-play. Until this year the casino management had attempted to carry out this surveillance with an old analog surveillance system, but in 2015, they finally reached out to distributors ONCU to help them bring the casino's security system up to speed, as well as into style.

One of the great things about the Acapulco Resort is that there's such a wide variety of facilities available. However, the diverse range of facilities at the Pasha Casino presented a diverse range of security challenges. The surveillance system needed to be stylish and with a small footprint, it also needed to provide coverage of a range of areas, some brightly light and subject to glare, some with less light than most IP cameras could cope with. Perhaps most demanding was the casino floor, where precision focus was required to monitor the gaming activities.

The Solution: What Challenge? VIVOTEK's Wide Range of IP Cameras See More but Show Less
Thankfully, VIVOTEK, no stranger to diversity, or to challenges, provides such a wide range of IP cameras and surveillance solutions that the Pasha Casino could be covered without difficulty or fuss. Particularly well matched to the job were VIVOTEK's FE8181 and FE8181V fisheye network cameras which both offer 360-degree surround coverage while keeping out of sight, and Smart IR illumination to bring dark areas into view. The FD8135H fixed dome camera took care of the other end of the spectrum, with its WDR Pro enabling the camera to provide crystal clear imagery even in areas of high contrast light. The IP8371E bullet network camera played its part too, incorporating Smart Stream technology, which can be used to optimize resolution on a desired object or area to maximize bandwidth usage. Joining this already impressive team, VIVOTEK's SD8364E was chosen for its superb image quality, sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism, patrol function, auto detection and tracking modes, making the camera able to easily keep track of the busy action on the casino floor.

One hundred and thirty FD8168 ultra-mini fixed dome network cameras were also chosen for their unique ability to provide surveillance of the highest quality, while blending into even the most stylish interiors. Knowing how important it is to avoid down-time in a casino, VIVOTEK has also made the FD8168 extremely simple to install with compact housing and standard PoE power input design, as well as a MicroSD card slot for local storage use.

A casino presents another challenge for surveillance systems. While visibility is vitally important, not every area can be brightly lit. VIVOTEK's FD8169 fixed dome camera, equipped with 15 meter infrared and 3D Noise Reduction technology, is specifically designed to produce crystal clear images even when the lighting is set low to enhance the atmosphere of the casino.

With adopting the comprehensive surveillance solution of VIVOTEK, the full coverage is ensured as the games goes on. Even in the busy and constantly changing environment of the casino gaming floor, security operators can remotely monitor every flip of a card and every spin of a roulette wheel from their high-tech control room.

Making Total Surveillance Simple: VIVOTEK's VAST Central Management Software
As is clear, VIVOTEK has provided a broad range of IP cameras to meet the needs of the Pasha Casino. However, just because the network of cameras is diverse, doesn't mean managing them needs to be complicated or difficult. Thanks to VIVOTEK's self developed VMS VAST central management software, the whole system can be intuitively managed remotely. VAST supports hundreds of cameras and stations in a hierarchical structure of system for monitoring, recording, playback and event trigger management with ease-of-use and efficient control. Moreover, VAST also offers a video wall solution, VAST Matrix, allowing the live monitoring of hundred of cameras. Serving as the brains of this diverse team of IP cameras, VIVOTEK's VAST software ensures that this diverse range of VIVOTEK cameras all work in perfect harmony to ensure the safety of the guests of the Pasha Casino at the Acapulco Resort, North Cyprus.

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