Win a FLIR T43 thermal mini bullet

Win a FLIR T43 thermal mini bullet

FLIR TCX Mini Bullet Combines Detection and Verification in One Device
The FLIR TCX is the first class of cameras to combine 24/7 high-contrast thermal video and high-performance built-in video motion detection (VMD) with a level of affordability that the industry has never seen. FLIR TCX is powered by the company's revolutionary Lepton camera core and outperforms visible-light security cameras by providing the advantage of seeing clearly in complete darkness without any illumination, in bright sunlight, through smoke, dust, or even light fog.

More reliable than visible cameras, high-contrast thermal imaging results in a dramatic reduction in false alarms
* Not affected by changes in lighting, low-contrast scenes or inclement weather
* No illumination is required
* Outperforms comparably priced visual cameras at night and in challenging lighting conditions

The TCX Mini Bullet provides affordable intrusion detection and accurate video alarm verification in one device.
* Detection with built-in VMD or third-party analytics
* Detection Range: 50⁰ ~ 20m, 25⁰ ~ 40m
* Clear video 24/7 for video alarm verification

Visit us at IFSEC 2015 and Win a FLIR T43 Thermal Mini Bullet
Dropping by the FLIR booth at IFSEC really pays off this year. Not only will you get to know all the new products we have to offer, you might also win one! All you have to do is leave your business card at booth #E730 for your chance to win a FLIR T43 thermal mini bullet. We're having a drawing every day at IFSEC, so make sure you're present at the booth around 3:00 pm to see if you are the lucky one.

FLIR FX: Versatile Wi-Fi Video Monitoring
FLIR FX is a compact, versatile Wi-Fi-enabled HD camera that integrates unique cloud-based analytics and flexible application-specific mounts. With FLIR FX, you can stream live HD video to your smartphone or tablet with or without an Internet connection, record video to a removable Micro-SD card, review events that are recorded utilizing motion detection algorithms, communicate with two-way audio, and quickly review hours of video with FLIR's Cloud-based RapidRecap capability.

What you get with the FLIR FX:
* RapidRecap: See the day in a minute. Review events from hours of cloud recorded video simultaneously.
* SmartZone Alerts: Recordings and alerts happen only in your specified area with motion sensing technology.
* Live Streaming Video: Watch footage live on your mobile device – anytime, anywhere.
* Direct Wi-Fi Connection: Stay connected to what matters most with Wi-Fi.
* Storage: Keep footage stored in the cloud for up to 30 days.
* Free 30 Day Trial: try before you subscribe with a free trial of FLIR Cloud Plus

FLIR MPX Makes Upgrading to HD Easy without the Expense of Re-cabling.
FLIR MPX is a revolutionary video surveillance format powered by HD-CVI technology. MPX delivers megapixel picture quality over coax, meaning you can upgrade your existing analog systems to HD resolution (1MP & 2.1MP) over a single coax cable (existing RG59 & RG6 compatible).

Ideal for retrofit, MPX makes upgrading to HD easier than ever without the expense of re-cabling. MPX facilitates powerful functionality previously unattainable over coax with duplex communication, enabling full UTC PTZ control and audio transmission without running additional cabling.

MPX is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard utilizing bidirectional full duplex communication. A single run of coaxial cable is used to reliably transmit HD images, audio, and data, which enables high-performance functionality such as intercom, UTC PTZ and OSD menu control with a single cable run.

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