CEM AC2000 selected to secure the largest single NHS hospital in Scotland

CEM AC2000 selected to secure the largest single NHS hospital in Scotland

To secure the largest single NHS hospital build in Scotland, CEM AC2000 was selected to ensure the safety of patients and staff as well as the new hospital buildings.

AC2000 security management system and access control hardware provide the South Glasgow Hospitals with a comprehensive integrated security system to meet their requirements now and in the future.

CEM Approved Reseller Boston Networks installed the multi million pound Intelligent Building solution for the new super hospital, with CEM AC2000 security management system securing over 400 doors throughout the facility.

The new 14 floor adult hospital will house 1109 beds, state of the art emergency, acute receiving, critical care, 30 modern operating theatres, diagnostic services and a full range of in-patient and day case paediatric services.

Part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the publicly funded hospital development gives Glasgow one of the most advanced adult acute service hospitals in the UK.

Working with CEM Approved Reseller Boston Networks the CEM AC2000 solution was selected as part of an overall Intelligent Building solution for this new state of the art hospital. Commenting on the partnership, Paul Goodbrand, Director of Intelligent Buildings, Boston Networks states, ‘‘Due to the sheer scale and complexity of the new South Glasgow Hospitals project, Boston Networks had to consider numerous factors when choosing our security partners, such as future proof technology, integration capabilities and the ability to provide a solution that would allow us to meet all elements of the installation and commissioning program”.

The CEM AC2000 system provides the South Glasgow Hospitals a powerful and fully integrated security management solution. AC2000 offers a comprehensive suite of client and browser based applications including central alarm monitoring, integrated command and control, sophisticated ID badging, visitor management and much more. The AC2000 set of software applications enhance site operations and security.

The new South Glasgow Hospitals utilize AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging & Pass Production System), which allows users to design professional, quality ID passes which can include text, logos, graphics, photos, barcodes and signatures. The hospital can easily personalize ID badges to suit their security requirements, enabling them to produce both permanent and temporary ID badges for medical staff, students, contractors and other people who require access to the building.

The Hospital is also using AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display). AC2000 AED provides a dynamic and real-time graphical view of all alarms and events that occur on the AC2000 system. AC2000 AED allows the hospital to easily view the status of their entire AC2000 system. Therefore if a door is forced at an access point, such as a ward entrance or pharmacy, an alarm will trigger on the AC200 AED, allowing hospital security to respond quickly.

Power over Ethernet
As a new building with an Ethernet infrastructure the hospital was also able to utilize CEM's Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. This means that only one Ethernet cable is required at the door, ensuring simplified installation and time savings; a welcomed benefit in such a huge project.

“The technological capabilities of CEM's unique Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution along with AC2000 met the needs of the Hospital's multifaceted Access Control demands and also provided Boston Networks with the integration capabilities essential to deliver a robust and future proof IP security solution, within program and budget”, continued Paul Goodbrand, Director of Intelligent Buildings, Boston Networks . “By having complete control of the installation and working closely with CEM, Boston Networks will ensure that we meet and exceed the project milestones, installation and commissioning dates.”

The CEM AC2000 system acts as the central security management system, supporting high levels of integration and providing on central command and control interface for video, fire, intrusion and much more.

At the new South Glasgow Hospitals, AC2000 provides a highly flexible and integrated security solution by linking to both the Pelco Endura CCTV and Honeywell Galaxy Intruder Detection systems.

The AC2000 video interface for Pelco Endura provides the ability to associate access control alarms with Pelco Endura digital video clips. The system allows the Hospital to fully integrate the power of a Pelco Endura video system with the central AC2000 Alarm Event Display (AED) application. AED enables all alarms, events and associated camera footage to be displayed centrally on the AC2000 system.

The AC2000 Galaxy Dimension interface enables zones from intruder panels to be placed as icons on the AC2000 AED. This provides, on a single screen, a graphical representation of the physical layout of intruder sensors and allows for central alarm monitoring of both access control and intruder alarms.

CEM Hardware
The South Glasgow Hospitals have selected CEM EtherProx readers to secure the site. EtherProx is the industry's smallest Ethernet card reader with integrated keypad, LCD display and internal database giving off-line validation and intelligent decision-making at the point of entry, even when host communications are not available. EtherProx readers can display hospital cardholders with immediate text descriptions on the swipe of their card i.e. a hospital porter trying to access the hospital pharmacy may get the message - Access Denied and a red LED will flash indicating access has not be granted.

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