Connected security for new tractor plant in Turkey

Connected security for new tractor plant in Turkey

Türk Traktör, Turkey's leading tractor manufacturer has selected Bosch Security Systems as the supplier of an integrated and networked fire detection and evacuation solution for its new factory in Erenler. Located about 50 km from the Black Sea shoreline, the Erenler factory has been designed as a green building with an eco-friendly production and a focus on low energy and water consumption. On more than 69.000 square meters, the building complex includes modern paint shops, assembly lines and quality control laboratories. Open areas of the factory cover more than 200,000 square meters.

For its new factory, Türk Traktör needed a reliable and flexible solution for early and sensitive fire detection as well as voice evacuation. Openness for integration of third party solutions as well as high false alarm immunity were key requirements.

Local Bosch partner Bosell designed and installed an integrated solution based on Bosch's Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series and the digital public address and voice evacuation system PRAESIDEO. Four networked fire panels were installed in different parts of the building complex. They support more than 650 fire detectors including eight air aspirating smoke detectors with heavy duty filters and also integrate third party products for ex-proof environments.

The fire detection solution is tightly integrated with the evacuation system which supports multiple zones for targeted messaging and fast evacuation of areas affected by a fire. 22 amplifiers and almost 500 sound projectors, horn and ceiling loudspeakers guarantee high intelligibility throughout the factory. Critical areas are covered by ex-proof horn loudspeakers.

Based on a modular design and open connectivity standards, Bosell implemented an integrated security system that will easily be able to grow with Türk Traktör's new production site. Due to its openness it does also integrate with mechanical components such as air handling and exhaust systems. The use of sophisticated detection technologies resulted in a security system which is highly immune against costly false alarms. The entire solution is EN54 certified.

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