VIVOTEK launches embedded plug & play NVR ND8322P

VIVOTEK launches embedded plug & play NVR ND8322P

VIVOTEK brings its state-of-the-art technology to an even wider circle of users, with the launch of the ND8322P, Embedded Plug & Play NVR, allowing even small-scale operations to enjoy the benefits of VIVOTEK's advanced systems.

The VIVOTEK ND8322P, while accessible to a wide range of users, is an extremely very powerful NVR. The Linux embedded ND8322P is an 8 channel stand alone NVR with 8-port 802.3at/af complaint PoE, allowing connection with PoE cameras for a maximum 80 W power supply. VIVOTEK believes that smart technology should still be easy to operate, so the ND8322P comes equipped with “One Button Setup,” which allows plug-&-play and auto-setup functionality, making this advanced unit surprisingly simple to install.

With supporting HDMI, VGA local video output, and USB port, the ND8322P can be connected with the display screen and users can control the GUI OSD interface via mouse and keyboard, eliminating the need for a separate PC to search through, or playback video from the NVR. Making this NVR even easier to use, the new local display design – Auto Adaptive Stream modifies the resolution of the camera to match the display layout, resulting in an efficient display while maintaining unbeatable image quality. The ND8322P features various I/O ports, such as eSATA port, alarm input/output, RS232, and RS485 and provides users amazing flexibility, so the NVR is perfect for a variety application such as convenience stores, restaurants, clothing stores, or supermarkets. With VAST CMS, users can manage multiple ND8322P and set up their IP surveillance system quickly and easily.

In order to make the installation simpler and faster, the ND8322P will be fully compatible with VIVOTEK's EZConnect P2P service soon in the near future. With EZConnect, there is no need to configure IP port on the router or set up a DDNS address for the NVR. In fact, the user doesn't even need to know the IP address of the NVR. EZConnect will automatically manage all the network parameters needed to connect your network. What's more, by simply scanning an on-screen QR code, business owners can access and manage their surveillance system from any iOS or Android device, from any location, and at anytime.

Making the ND8322P even more accessible, from March 2015, VIVOTEK will launch the perfect bundle for small businesses. Convenient and flexible, this package pairs the ND8322P with a four IP network cameras. Users can choose either the 2 MP bullet-style IR camera IB8369 for outdoor use, or the dome-style IR camera FD8169 for indoor use, depending on the needs of their business. The bundle also includes a USB mouse, power adapter, and a 2-year warranty – everything a customer needs to set up their VIVOTEK IP camera surveillance network. With this package, VIVOTEK brings its customers the future of surveillance in one handy package.

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