VIVOTEK launches new PoE extenders

VIVOTEK launches new PoE extenders

In its ongoing efforts to provide the market with simpler and easier implementation of long-range surveillance systems, VIVOTEK announces the launch of its three new PoE extenders: the 4-port indoor PoE extender, AP-FXC-0400; the 1-port outdoor PoE extender, AP-FXC-0150; and 2-port outdoor PoE extender, AP-FXC-0250.

When it comes to long-distance surveillance system construction, solving cable length limitation and power supply issues are always the biggest challenges for installers and systems integrators. Given the limitations of data-transfer over Ethernet, the previous maximum distance between a PoE switch and network cameras was 100 meters. However, with VIVOTEK's new PoE extender technology, installers and systems integrators can now build wider networks while maintaining reliability.

Making good its ongoing commitment to being a total surveillance solution provider, VIVOTEK has developed a 4-port indoor PoE extender, the AP-FXC-0400; a 1-port outdoor PoE extender, the AP-FXC-0150; and a 2-port outdoor PoE extender. the AP-FXC-0250. Adopting VIVOTEK's AP-FXC-0400, AP-FXC-0150 and AP-FXC-0250, these injectors are the ideal choices for installers - users may enjoy a high quality and robust surveillance without the need for extra power supplies.

* 4-port indoor PoE extender AP-FXC-0400: The AP-FXC-0400 is especially ideal for a wall mount application. With 1 PoE-In port and 4 PoE-Out, the extender can connect with 1 high power PoE switch at the back-end while connecting with 4 network cameras at the front-end. All connections may add up to 100 meters of connectivity to the existing network.

* Outdoor PoE extender AP-FXC-0150 and AP-FXC-0250: With 1 PoE-In port, the AP-FXC-0150 supports 1 PoE-Out while AP-FXC-0250 supports 2 PoE-Out. In addition, designed with IP66 rated housing, both PoE extenders can endure wide temperature range between -20°C ~ 60°C. By adopting the VIVOTEK AP-FXC-0150 and AP-FXC-0250, installers can build a high quality and robust outdoor surveillance simply, while remaining confident in its ongoing stability and integrity.

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