HEDON Spa & Hotel optimizes security with GKB diplomat IP solution

HEDON Spa & Hotel optimizes security with GKB diplomat IP solution

Triger, who has partnership with GKB for more than 7 years in Estonia, Europe, is a professional and comprehensive solution provider for small and large integrated electrical and low current system. Their current project with GKB is to upgrade the surveillance of their resort: HEDON SPA & Hotel.

HEDON SPA & Hotel, a historical Mud Baths of Pärnu renovated to a Modern SPA-Hotel in Estonia; a beach side SPA hotel with the most enjoyable environment. There are 72 hotel rooms and 6 suites in HEDON SPA & Hotel.

The Challenge
HEDON SPA & Hotel requires IP Cameras at 3 separate areas but with central recording, monitoring & management systems. GKB IP Diplomat can provide them a well-performed, flexible and decentralized platform to monitor visitors' safety with high image quality anytime and anywhere.

In this project, Triger has installed GKB D44731 & GKB D34731 IP cameras at the SPA and hotel area. They are IP megapixel cameras with H.264 compression and 8 video streams for separate software usage.

GKB team also provides GKB DN4801 Linux NVR at the SPA and hotel areas; NVR is designed for a relay viewing and management platform. The SPA & Hotel administrator can use GKB Viewer-11 software for central monitoring, playback and remote evidence downloading at the monitoring station.

* Remote Accessibility
GKB Diplomat IP provides cloud-based solution with central monitoring and recording platform at competitive price.

*A Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution
GKB DN4801 is able to record up to 48CH, a various channel options for user to easily expand cameras without adding extra license fee.

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