Morpho supports Valeo for InBlue Virtual Key System

Morpho supports Valeo for InBlue Virtual Key System

Morpho has teamed up with its technology partner Valeo, a major automotive equipment supplier, to introduce Valeo InBlue Virtual Key System, an innovative virtualization and remote car key management solution.

The Valeo InBlue Virtual Key System turns users' mobile phones into a connected key with which they can lock, unlock and start their cars and remotely consult vehicle data such as fuel level and geographic location. For the first time, this system also enables car sharing by allowing digital keys to be sent securely to the SIM card in a mobile phone of the person authorized to use the car wherever they may be. Once the virtual key is securely stored in the SIM, the person can then open the car thanks to Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

“It's great that Morpho can bring its strong expertise in secure elements and connected applications to this innovative Valeo system. Our knowledge helped to bring to life a solution which we will all be using in a few years' time,” explained Yves Portalier, Vice President and General Manager Telecom Business Unit at Morpho. “It demonstrates the capability of our Trusted Service Management solution to address new services that connected devices will bring to the real world. This solution is a great example of how Morpho's solutions help make our lives safer and easier.”

Valeo InBlue™ Virtual Key System is designed to provide cost-effective embedded solutions enabling easy deployment of new smartphone-related services for car manufacturers, including private and corporate car sharing, car renting, fleet management and in-car delivery.

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