Dahua ITS relieves traffic congestion in Poland cities

Dahua ITS relieves traffic congestion in Poland cities

Tricity, in Polish Trójmiasto, is an urban area consisting of three major northern Polish cities — Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, situated adjacent to one other on the coast of the Gdańsk Bay, Baltic Sea; These three cities covering an area of 414.81 square kilometers, seeing nearly 1 million commuters each day, are known as a busy harbor, modern metropolis, and amazing resort at the mean time.

While the cities keep expanding, the rising population leads to traffic concern, congestion. Its urban inner highway, which is the transport backbone, accommodating nearly 1 million commuters every day and citizens spend more and more time on commuting. In order to better manage, the city traffic needs and solve out the congestion, the local authority decided to use intelligent traffic system (ITS) to better improve traffic in the city and also people can have better efficiency of their work and life.

The project started in 2010, Dahua's customization satisfied the end-user since it is quite suitable for the local market because of its great performance, easy installation and good price. The adopted ITS systems integrate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPRs), red light enforcement, speed systems, green waves as a whole in order to regulate driving behaviors and fight against traffic jams. For ANPR systems, Dahua 1.4-megapixel and 11-megapixel HD traffic cameras are adopted at intersections on main roads, taking care of the snapshot of front and back side of the vehicle respectively. Moreover, both loops and video detection are used to improve accuracy. As for speeding violations, speed systems are installed and approved by metrology law to make fines to control urban driving speed and improve road safety.

Additionally, to further improve traffic efficiency, green waves are adopted on lights intersection, allowing continuous traffic flow smoothly over several intersections in one main direction, which not only reduces the length and frequency of congestion, but also cuts co2 emissions and improves fuel efficiency of the vehicles, meanwhile, buying more time for pedestrians at crossings.

“We already assured different customers in Poland and neighboring countries to work on ITS projects based on Dahua cameras and detectors,” said Piotr Wisniewski from Radar system, a local distributor in Poland.

“It is a great example that a European city uses Chinese ITS deployment, we appreciate our partner's trust and the effort they have made,” said Bill Zhou, Senior ITS Engineer at Dahua Technology. “Traffic problem is a common issue for many expanding cities, and our ITS is only helping the city reinforce but also giving a better, smarter and more efficient city.”

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