Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII helps strength campus security

Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII helps strength campus security

Kindergartens, nurseries, schools, colleges and universities need to be open and accessible. As such they are vulnerable to opportunistic thieves and vandals, as well as organised criminal gangs and terrorists, bringing children, students and staff into danger. Violent crime such as school shootings are making education authorities and parents rethink about the safety of children, whilst non-violent crimes such as burglary and vandalism are also of major concern.

A major investment in a security system is not something that schools would wish to repeat on a regular basis. They would therefore want to purchase a solution that is not just fit for today's purposes, but is also future proof in terms of its expandability and its ability to integrate with new technology which may become available in the future.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue in the form of major advances in video surveillance, which can provide the education sector with valuable tools to create a safe and secure learning environment for their staff and students, as well as protecting their valuable assets. Samsung Techwin's latest generation of WiseNetIII IP video surveillance cameras and ‘plug & play' network recording devices, are revolutionising the way the education sector can capitalise on the benefits of a Video over IP system.

The open platform nature of the Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII DSP chipset cameras provides users with complete freedom to choose their perfect combination of video management software (VMS) and video analytics which best matches their individual requirements. For example, schools, colleges or universities could consider using the Foxstream video analytics App which is ideal for perimeter protection where there may be a need to have a high performance solution to detect and track would-be trespassers or truants. A key feature of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset is that it has the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously. Following the connection of a camera to the network, installers or operators simply need to upload their preferred Apps via the camera's browser.

Deter & Detect
Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII network cameras, with the new introduction of six 3-megapixel models, can cover a wide area such as a school playground, car park or sports field and allow operators to zoom in to view close up detail of any activity without ‘pixilation' appearing in the image. Evidence grade images can be captured of any criminal activity such as theft and vandalism, as well as help with the detection of unwanted visitors such as drug dealers.

With so many children nowadays living in single parent environments, the superb quality of the images which can be captured by Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII cameras can help avoid any disputes by enabling authorised members of staff to monitor, and if necessary, verify who has collected a child from the school. Equally important, issues can be quickly resolved which might arise through accusations of one child bullying another. Schools, colleges and universities also have a duty of care towards their staff to ensure they can be protected against any false accusations.

As an added benefit, these security technologies can be adapted to broader applications in an educational context, such as recording lessons or lectures for staff training, or used to tackle unruly behaviour in the classroom.

The Samsung Techwin 3-megapixel models also offer a lot more than just evidence quality images. They are equipped with a range of other features which allow operators to respond more effectively to any suspicious activity, incident or emergency such as the option to simultaneously transmit images at various resolutions and with a choice of compression technologies. This enables headteachers, facilities managers, or any other authorised staff members to simultaneously monitor live images at one location and record video evidence at another.


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