OPTEX free plug-in for Axis IP ACAP cameras and encoders

OPTEX free plug-in for Axis IP ACAP cameras and encoders

OPTEX has recently released free plug-in software that integrates REDWALL IP sensors with the Axis Camera Application Protocol (ACAP) found in the latest Axis cameras.

This integration enables the sensors to talk directly to the AXIS IP cameras and instruct them to go to pre-set positions to follow the targets and send an alarm event to management system. Using the Axis Cloud solution, pre and post alarm images can be sent via email or text messages making it an easy and affordable intrusion detection system for both residential and commercial applications. The plug-in also works with the AXIS encoders with ACAP, enabling analogue systems to migrate to IP and use the benefits of using REDWALL IP motion detection sensors with the functionalities of the AXIS encoders.

Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP)
AXIS Camera Application Platform is an open application platform that enables development of third party applications that can be downloaded and installed on Axis network cameras.

How does the OPTEX plug-in work?
The OPTEX Axis plug-in software should be downloaded and installed on to the camera which then allows Redwall Event Code to instruct the camera to go to preset or send an alarm email.

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