Avigilon secures health care department in Tampere, Finland

Avigilon secures health care department in Tampere, Finland

Tampere Department of Social Services and Health Care, located in Tampere, Finland, is at the cutting-edge of health care, offering preventative services and solutions that reduce the social costs of poor health. As one of the country's most rapidly developing regions, Tampere City Department of Social Services and Health Care delivers primary care to its 215,000 residents through more than 200 social and health care units, and three hospitals.

With the help of the Avigilon solution, the department was able to lower criminal activity, monitor patients, enhance the services provided and improve onsite safety. In addition, management was able to save significantly on costs related to theft and damage and significantly reduced the number of false liability claims.

Preventing Crime
According to Raimo Rae, Hospital Engineer at the Tampere Department of Social Services and Health Care, the region has experienced a rise in vandalism, theft, and even violent crime since 2000. “We have also seen an increase in the occurrence of diagnosed mental disorders and drug use amongst employees and patients, further compelling us to improve security,” said Mr. Rae. “We are constantly enhancing our services to keep pace with society's escalating security risks.”

The department held a competitive bid and selected the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system based on the recommendation of Divacont Ltd., a local provider of surveillance system design and long-term partner. “Divacont is a very reliable, skilled, and professional partner,” explained Mr. Rae. “We chose the Avigilon solution because nothing else on the market compares in terms of quality and functionality.” Mr. Rae also wanted an all-in-one surveillance solution to minimize complications during installation and to facilitate system management and maintenance.

The Avigilon Solution
Previously, the Tampere Department of Social Services and Health Care had an analog-based surveillance system that only monitored the exterior of its buildings because budget did not allow for an indoor system. “We have learned through experience that it is also very important to cover the corridors and lobbies to effectively track client movement,” noted Mr. Rae. “Our nurses rely on the Avigilon system at night to monitor activity throughout the health centers to ensure their protection.” And with more cameras monitoring a larger area, users have more opportunity to capture a clear image of an individual or incident for positive identification.

The Tampere Department of Social Services and Health Care installed more than 335 Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 1MP to 5 MP across its properties, all of which are monitored 24/7 and managed using the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology. The department relies on 67 Avigilon analog video encoders to improve the performance of its existing 600 analog cameras. With 13 Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and plans to upgrade its remaining 25 servers to Avigilon, the department stores up to two weeks of continuous surveillance footage.

Resolving Crime; Improving Quality of Care
Tampere installed the Avigilon solution with several key goals in mind. Firstly, the department wanted a reliable way to clearly capture and record data about its facilities, patients, and employees to successfully resolve issues and ultimately reduce criminal activity. Secondly, employees needed a system that would assist with patient control, particularly during the evening and night shifts when only a few nurses are on duty. Finally, the department needed to easily review footage to assess and improve customer service levels. “We are committed to providing the highest quality care possible and are always looking for ways to enhance our services,” said Mr. Rae.

Complete Search Control
The Avigilon Control Center software, designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, gives users complete control over video playback – a key selling feature for Mr. Rae and his team. “Avigilon delivers the best search and playback functionality I have ever seen and the software could not be any easier to use,” commented Mr. Rae, who also leverages the advanced mapping interface to plot cameras and servers on an imported map for easy navigation. The department utilizes the map feature to track suspects in real time. “The mapping interface simplifies system management – especially important for us because the Avigilon system spans many locations of different design and size.”

Quick Searches for Positive ID
The innovative, user-friendly ACC software allows Rae to quickly and effectively search through footage for near-instant positive identification to speed up investigations. “With exceptional image clarity, we can now find the right evidence in a fraction of the time,” claimed Mr. Rae, who added that Avigilon's pixel search has been invaluable in his work. “In fact, our searches take less than 20% of the time than with our previous system.” He also regularly shares footage with the local police, who have been very impressed with the quality of evidence provided. “Our footage has led to warnings, dismissals, and even conviction in several cases, and we have also noticed a marked increase in confessions because the image quality is truly indisputable.”

Not only does the Avigilon system allow the department to focus on improving security, but it has also helped save some of the costs that stem from property damage and theft. “We have succeeded in reducing the number of serious cases of crime, which consequently reduces the time and cost of dealing with these issues,” said Mr. Rae. Since deploying the Avigilon system, the department has only had three medical room break-ins, all of which were quickly resolved.

The department now has a reliable way to clearly capture data in its facilities to lower criminal activity, monitor patients, enhance the health care service provided, and improve onsite safety. With the user-friendly Avigilon Control Center software, officials can now easily find the right information for quick incident resolution, leading to improved processes and procedures, and convictions, when necessary. The department has also saved tens of thousands of Euros in theft and damage, and has significantly reduced the number of false liability claims.

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