QNAP VioStor NVR and VioStor CMS installed in Dream Mall

QNAP VioStor NVR and VioStor CMS installed in Dream Mall

Dream Mall, located in Kaohsiung, is the largest multi-functional shopping center in Taiwan and one of the top large-scale shopping centers in Asia. With over 2,000 stores and restaurants, a movie theater, and an amazing roof-top amusement park, the mall occupies an area of 50,000 square meters with a total floor area of almost 400,000 square meters, including a massive parking lot with 3,000 parking spaces.

With tens of thousands of customers visiting each day, Dream Mall management desired a large-scale surveillance system to prevent crime, enhance customer safety, and monitor and record the activities in the mall. Their primary challenge is the need to deploy a security system capable of monitoring hundreds of security cameras simultaneously in the extensive areas in and around the shopping center. Traditional CCTV surveillance systems are too costly to implement as the length of coaxial cables required would be about 87 San Francisco Golden Gate bridges long! Their secondary challenge is that the security system has to be highly flexible and expandable, allowing addition of new cameras and recorders easily to be fit into the security system.

After thorough research, Dream Mall chose QNAP VioStor NVR (Network Video Recorder) together with the newly launched VioStor CMS (Central Management System) for security system deployment. Multiple VioStor NVR servers are set up at different floors to connect 600 Panasonic IP and analog cameras, then attached to the fiber network to transmit the video streams to the VioStor CMS for central monitoring and management at the Control Room Center.

The VioStor CMS can manage up to 1,024 camera channels, suitable for the surveillance scale Dream Mall plans for the future project expansion. In addition, Dream Mall can purchase the VioStor CMS camera channel licenses according to their project development schedule, enhancing their flexibility on the project cash flow control.


Customer Feedback
“Among several useful features VioStor CMS provides, we especially appreciate the flexible view management” said the security system planner of Dream Mall, Mrs. Liu. “We can put the floor plan E-map in the largest grid of a view, and the related camera images in the rest of the grids of the view. This helps the security guard easily get the overall idea of each floor's status, and can respond to any suspicious event at the shortest time.”

“QNAP surveillance solutions have made high quality and cost-efficient monitoring in a large-scale shopping mall possible. Their easy-to-setup turnkey NVR and CMS servers greatly reduce the overall system setup and maintenance costs. We have been enjoying their solution.”

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