Tamron to present 4 lenses at Tokyo Big Sight

Tamron to present 4 lenses at Tokyo Big Sight

Tamron, an optics manufacturer in the security industry, announced the release of 4 different lenses, including LVZ3X3516N/LVZ3X3516A, M118VM413IR / M118VG413IR, Model DF024NA / DF024QA and DF023. These lenses will be presented demonstrated at Security Show starting from March 4, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight.

LVZ3X3516N/LVZ3X3516A is an LWIR (Long-Wave Infrared) 3X Zoom Lens for VGA detector. LWIR technology has earned attention in the security market in recent years for a number of applications, including monitoring of critical facilities and equipment.  LWIR technology works whether or not there is a light source and is largely immune to the weather and other conditions.

Optical zoom lenses make the most of detector performance, losing none of their picture quality while zooming. In the LWIR market, where fixed focal lenses are the norm, optical zoom systems offer a big advantage. While that is part of what prompted the expansion of the new system, there were also problems in adapting the technology in the existing equipment.

M118VM413IR / M118VG413IR is a near IR corrected / 5 mega-pixel Vari-Focal lens, it supports in a C mount lens. Its optical design for is suitable for  both day and night monitoring.

Moreover, Model DF024NA / DF024QA and DF023 will also be showcased at Tokyo Big Sight. DF024NA / DF024QA is a near IR corrected / 3 mega-pixel board mount lens with motorized zoom and focus (DC-Iris / P-Iris) and DF023 is an integrated type near IR corrected / 5 mega-pixel board mount type zoom lens.

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