MAGAL launches new technology overlapping physical and cyber security markets

MAGAL launches new technology overlapping physical and cyber security markets

Magal Security Systems and Israel Defense Magazine, concluded a successful conference attended by 200 executives from the Israeli security industry. New technologies for the overlapping physical and cyber security markets were presented at the conference.

Israel Defense Magazine organized the conference providing the opportunity to present CyberSeal, a company acquired by Magal last year, which recently launched two suites of cyber security products. The event marks the launching of new products for securing wired networks, cellular communication, with a new generation of solid state smart fences as well as a new version of Fortis4G, which now unites the management of cyber and physical security.

Magal also demonstrated a new line of sensors and systems for physical security of critical sites:
RoboGuard - a revolutionary agile robot for perimeter protection, running along smart fences and capable of responding promptly to intrusion alerts. The autonomous robot, travels on a monorail and can support various payloads such as cameras, intercom, deterring spray gun, etc. RoboGuard is powered by batteries that are automatically recharged every few hours.
DTR4G – a new generation of taut wire smart fence based on an innovative dual-technology sensor.
Fensor - a solid state fence mounted sensor that replaces the electro-mechanical technology used by Magal in the past.

All the demonstrated systems and sensors at the exhibition were integrated through Magal's flagship system for Command & Control - Fortis4G. A new version of the system was presented, capable of performing both - PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) alongside CSOC (Cyber Security Operation Center) for improved situation awareness and intuitive operation.

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