Water and wastewater treatment plant solution

Water and wastewater treatment plant solution

The control and management of a Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a complex task that requires the supervision of human experts. Typical WWTP requires covering hundreds of acres, with many older plants and remote stations implementing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems linked with Ethernet.

A reliable Ethernet Network is required to obtain precise control, flexibility on the connectivity for typical SCADA system to link with Master Terminal Unit as well as increase remote monitoring performance with Human Machine Interface (HMI) from remote stations.

major features of Industrial Ethernet Switches required to benefit WWTP Management are:

Redundancy Ethernet Network

Massive amount of valuable information would be discarded should any stations malfunction. With Antaira LNX-802 series of Industrial Managed switches, a firmware method called “Redundancy Network” configuration is used. This web console allows users to configure Redundancy Network by selecting standard STP/RSTP or Antaira Ring Network recovery protocol setup. Any uplink ports are assignable to formed part of a Ring Topology Network, benefiting WWTP to build fast recovery protocol and self-healing to prevent any downtime or accidental shutdown.

Flexible Fiber connectivity
Due to distance coverage between stations, Fiber Optic can be implemented up to 2Km with multi-mode Fiber and over 15Km with Single-mode Fiber.

In order for SCADA system from Administration Control center to execute remote status monitoring and control devices a wider bandwidth network is used, with benefits ranging from expanded distance between administration Center and Stations to saving Fiber cable budget using a Fiber Ethernet Ring Topology.

Antaira Industrial Managed Switches series provides wide range options Fiber Connection models in SC, ST and LC connector interface options. All models are rugged design for operating in wide Ambient Weather and Temperature range - 40 Co to 75 Co

Increase Determinism

Within the WWTP facilities, a lot of Measurement Devices, Control or communications Equipment are needed to report real-time data to SCADA system, therefore an Industrial Managed Switch with Network Management Software is required to increase determinism for all field equipment data transmission.

With a combination of Virtual Lan (VLAN), Internet Group management protocol (IGMP) and Quality of service (QoS), with the following benefits:
* Effective traffic control
* Enhance network security
* manage multicast traffic
* improve performance and real time responsive
* saving Bandwidth of network M
* ensure Important data is delivered consistently and predictably

A Virtual Lan (VLAN) is a logical network grouping that limits the broadcast domain, allowing user to isolate network traffic. This allows user to segment entire control network in different substations equipment transmit data to the same VLAN ID group and enhance network security.

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is an internet Protocol (IP) suite which manages multicast traffic by using switches, routers and hosts that support IGMP. Enabling IGMP allows ports to detect IGMP queries, report packets and manage IP multicast traffic through the switch, preventing hosts from unwanted multicast and saving bandwidth.

Quality of Service (QoS) allows prioritizing traffic from High to Low, ranging from communication traffic to devices that are not time-critical.

Advanced Event handling
By enabling Syslog/SMTP within Antaira Switches' web console, event logs will be sent to system log server/SMTP server. Furthermore, per port log, events can be sent to the system log server/SMTP server with System event type selection and Port event type selection which enables the Field Engineers to receive events through email, check status remotely as well as arrange schedule for immediate or future maintenance.

High Reliabilities
Most of the applications and equipment are in outdoor environments which can be affected by ambient weather even though many points will obtain a NEMA Enclosure to protect any measurement, control or communication equipment, a high industrial grade Ethernet switch with Wide Temperature Operating support is important.

Antaira Industrial Managed Switches are designed to contain open IEEE standard technologies, IEC Industrial Grade Test Level and high MTBF, Wide Operating temperature will support any Harsh Environment within WWTP.

Cost Effective
Antaira Industrial Managed Switches are designed focus and user-friendly, making it a very important method of networking for overall WWTP applications with Cost Effect solutions.

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