Verint Systems provides Actionable Intelligence to financial services sector

Verint Systems provides Actionable Intelligence to financial services sector

Verint Systems announced that it is further expanding its customer footprint in the financial services sector as institutions around the world continue to deploy its Actionable Intelligence solutions to improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place.

Verint brings a wealth of technology innovation and experience to the broad-reaching financial services industry through advanced security and enterprise intelligence technology, vertical-focused solutions and subject matter expertise. Today, some 90 percent of global Fortune 500 finance organizations count on Verint solutions to help drive their security, workforce optimization and customer experience initiatives.

In these environments, vast amounts of structured and unstructured information flows though organizations every day. Verint helps them Make Big Data Actionable(TM) through the ability to capture, analyze and act on large volumes of rich, complex and often underused information sources--such as voice, video and unstructured text--in order to make more informed and effective business decisions. From physical security protection--such as bank branches and ATMs--to trading rooms, contact center, back-office and customer experience operations, Verint solutions are helping enhance security, reduce risk, support compliance requirements and build customer loyalty.

Making Big Data Actionable in Customer Experience Operations Today's financial institutions are investing in customer-centric workforce optimization (WFO) solutions to enable more efficient operations, create more loyal customers and drive more profitable business outcomes. To do so, they count on Verint software to help their branch bank, back-office, and contact center and customer experience operations excel amid stringent regulations--particularly around maintaining the privacy of customer data--consolidation pressures and the need to maximize staffing resources.

Using Verint WFO technology designed specifically for banks and financial institutions--such as call recording, quality monitoring, voice of the customer analytics, workforce management, desktop and process analytics, performance management and eLearning--they are taking a more comprehensive approach to capturing, analyzing and acting on customer, business and market intelligence. In addition to gaining a complete view of customer interactions and experiences, these organizations are driving higher quality standards in their multichannel customer interactions, all the way through to their back-office supporting functions, such as loan and mortgage processing. They also are acquiring deeper insight into customers' wants, needs and expectations, and benefitting from the ability to help ensure the right staff with the right skills are in the right place at the right time to address service requirements, cultivate sales opportunities and drive revenue.

Making Big Data Actionable in Security Operations
In security environments, financial institutions are challenged to keep pace with the increasing rate and sophistication of fraudulent activity ranging from identify theft, to public and private organizational losses, to other crimes. As a result, they are taking added measures to update and refresh their security processes and supporting technologies.

With IP video solutions designed specifically for banks and financial institutions, they are helping achieve their security operations objectives through the use of such Verint technology as high-performance network video solutions. By taking a more proactive approach, these organizations are advancing physical security, creating safer environments, reducing fraud, helping secure cash and other bank assets, decreasing liabilities and risk, enhancing search and investigative capabilities, delivering higher-caliber service, and helping comply with banking and other financial regulations.

Making Big Data Actionable in Financial Compliance Environments
Many financial organizations also are required to record and archive their voice interactions to help ensure compliance with requirements from local and international central banks, security commissions and government regulations. With nearly two decades of experience as a leading provider of compliance recording, Verint continues to deliver proven, reliable software for recording, indexing and retrieving voice communications across the enterprise, including trading floor, branch office and back-office operations environments.

Operating in traditional TDM and the latest generation IP telephony environments, these solutions are helping financial institutions around the world comply with regulations and uncover business trends by monitoring and analyzing cross-channel communications to mitigate risk, responding to compliance requirements--including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard--identifying potential regulatory issues, performing sales verification and improving operational performance.

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