Geutebruck releases new management software G-SIM

Geutebruck releases new management software G-SIM

The new Geutebruck security information management system, G-SIM is the ultimate reliable assistant for managing, filtering and processing the vast quantities of security information generated by medium to large networked video security systems. It provides the best in video event handling and intuitive user operation, even for very extensive and highly complex systems with dozens of sites, thousands of cameras and numerous other alarm generating systems. G-SIM uses graphical representations which are quick and easy to understand and interpret, combined with familiar drag-and-drop functionality which only allows actions relevant to the prevailing situation. High levels of customisation provide each operator in the network with the information he needs in his own individually preferred format, quickly, intuitively and reliably.

G-SIM's key features include central user management, easy administration and operation using site plan-based control elements as well as the central reporting of all relevant operating and system events. Its system architecture is freely scalable and designed to enable effortless interaction between users whether they are within the network or access it remotely. G-SIM allows you to spread the processes involved in managing more powerful systems efficiently across a variety of workstations and to pass work from one operator to another to delegate or escalate tasks.

G-SIM provides a perfect fit solution for each application and each user and comprehensive support for your own security concept. You can configure functions such as the live and recorded image display; the site plan-based control; the alarm management; the delegating and reporting tools; the complete documentation of all systems and operator actions as well as the sophisticated redundancy provision, to suit each application and each user. The comprehensive user administration function and the universal audit trail together safeguard data protection and guarantee evidential quality of images and footage. G-SIM integrates seamlessly with all Geutebruck systems and with the vast range of third party interfaces they support, so it also facilitates the seamless processing and management of security information by subcontractors.

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