Exacq Provides Complete Recording Solution to W. Europe thru Norbain

Exacq Provides Complete Recording Solution to W. Europe thru Norbain

Norbain is pleased to announce the signing of a new distribution agreement with Exacq Technologies, a manufacturer of VMS and servers used for video surveillance.

Norbain customers will benefit from access to the exacqVision server and VMS software product line including hybrid and IP camera servers and cross-platform VMS software operating on Windows, Linux and Mac. Dedicated to providing all aspects of an IP solution to their customers, the Exacq offering will provide more choice and greater variety to Norbain's portfolio. For Exacq, the partnership will be instrumental in the expansion of the exacqVision solution in the European marketplace.

“This alignment enables our UK customers to have access to exacqVision products through a proven UK-based partner and aids us in reaching a wider audience,” comments Alan Lefford, EMEA Director of Sales at Exacq Technologies. “Norbain is one of Europe's most experience distributors and is vital to further accelerating our international growth.”

Andy Cassidy, CCTV Business Manager for Norbain, comments: “exacqVision offers the complete recording solution, be it via software, servers or a hybrid system. It's an extremely high quality product that continues to innovate and meet the changing needs of our customers.”

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