Currency exchange chain in Malaysia upgrades surveillance setup

Currency exchange chain in Malaysia upgrades surveillance setup

A large currency exchange chain in Malaysia recently upgraded its analog surveillance system across all of the 65 branches to an IP-based surveillance system, consisting of more than 600 LILIN network cameras and 65 NVRs, to ensure the safety of staff and customers as well as prevent possible robberies from happening. The branches spread across Malaysia, from domestic and international airports to shopping malls and hotels. The safety of people who are exchanging currency in the store and the security of store operations are considered top priorities. The videos produced by the old analog cameras looked like there was always bad fog. The management therefore decided to upgrade the chain's security infrastructure to IP-based.

In this project, nine units of LILIN IP cameras LR7428E3.6 and LD2222E4 with 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor were installed at each of the 61 out of the 65 branches; each store deployed the cameras at the entrance/exit, above the clerks' front counters for clear monitoring of customers' movements, events of interest, and all the transactions. The remaining four larger branches were each outfitted with additional sixteen 2-megapixel IP cameras for total situational awareness. All cameras have a built-in SD card acting as redundant recording and motion detection. Aside from the IP cameras, each location was equipped with a LILIN multi-touch standalone NVR 109. For the control room at the headquarters, central surveillance VMS CMX 1072 was deployed for centralized remote monitoring of all branches across the nation.

LILIN's extensive know-how in surveillance helped ease the transition from analog to IP, and guaranteed smooth integration and reliable interoperability. The new, highly scalable and robust solution will serve to provide complete video security of each branch for many years to come.

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