Hikvision provides high-quality security to luxury hotel in Dubai

Hikvision provides high-quality security to luxury hotel in Dubai

Prominently located among this cluster is the Grosvenor House Dubai – the first luxury hotel built in the Dubai Marina. The Grosvenor House consists of two 45-story towers, encompassing 749 rooms, suites, and apartments. Furthermore, these towers also include a wealth of exclusive bars, restaurants, and spas, as well as spacious meeting and banqueting facilities. While these amenities promise state-of-the-art luxury and service, the Grosvenor House required equally state-of-the-art security to ensure the well-being of its valuable guests.

In particular, the lighting condition in the main entrance area proved especially noteworthy. Mohamed Kasim, Manager of Security Solutions at HCL Infosystems MEA (the Dubai-based integrator for this project) chose Hikvision's WDR Dome Camera to overcome these potential pitfalls.

Along with the main southern exit, as well as the hotel's auxiliary exits, the WDR camera is required to face directly outside to accurately identify incoming and outgoing customers. As such, this dome camera faces the brunt of direct sunlight in the day and near total darkness in the evening.

Yet moving just a touch more inside the facilities is the HD WDR Box Camera. Furthermore, tasked with identifying customers, and similarly burdened with a daily changing landscape of lighting conditions; the HD camera's 160x WDR technology and 540TVL (in color) and 600TVL ( in black & white) resolution provide the foundation for equally strong clarity and coverage in these daily lighting obstacles.

Liberally located throughout the many corridors of the hotel's two towers are 440 units of Hikvision's Low Illumination ICR Dome Camera. Obviously, since placed inside, the ICR dome is not faced with Dubai's blistering daytime and chilling darkness like its two aforementioned brothers. Yet, this is not to say that each environment is the same. “Since the Grosvenor House encompasses a wide variety of amenities, from bars to spas, the ambience – and by extension, the lighting conditions – varies greatly throughout the hotel. As such, we needed a flexible indoor dome that provides great quality in a variety of differing locations,” explained Kasim. Helping to provide this versatility is an ICR filter auto switch, 540TVL (color) and 600TVL (black & white) of resolution, as well as a 2.8~11mm auto iris lens and digital noise reduction to achieve the desired overall clarity.

Rounding out this solution is Hikvision's DVR. Providing the ability to utilize both analog and digital cameras, this camera promises futurability for any security solution. Yet, in the case of the Grosvenor House, an equally important trait was evident: hard-drive storage space. On a larger scale, this is testament to the quality Grosvenor House displays in all aspects of its daily operations – from facilities to its centralized location, all cumulating in its #1 Dubai customer service ranking. Concurrently, this attention to detail extends to HCL Infosystems MEA. and Hikvision, as well – with both also earning recognition. Recently, Dubai's Police Department noted the Grosvenor House as a security model to be emulated and have also publically stated their approval for this Hikvision solution.

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