Albanian university-hospital complex upgrades to IP-based video surveillance

Albanian university-hospital complex upgrades to IP-based video surveillance

Founded in 1993, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Catholic university-hospital complex based in Tirana, Albania recently upgraded from an analog camera system to an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of Hikvision Digital Technology network cameras and six NVRs to improve security and ensure physical safety of patients.

Prior to the implementation Hikvision's surveillance solutions, the five-building complex utilized simply analog cameras to address its need for security. However, these analog cameras were unable to capture sufficient details of activities in the video footage. Specifically, face recognition was impossible and even license plates were hard to decipher. Furthermore, security personnel did not have access to the monitoring system. “We considered increasing the number of cameras, but the problem clearly was not the coverage, but rather the quality of surveillance,” said Nikolin Gjonaj, Head of Security at Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Three-megapixel IR bullet cameras were installed in the complex to ensure proper capture of activities on the premises. Detected motion can be configured to trigger alarm. The 3-megapixel outdoor mini dome and 2-megapixel mini dome  boast vandal-proof housing, which gives added physical protection. Like the 3-megapixel IR bullet cameras, these network cameras support the common network protocols, ensuring maximum integration in a complex-wide, and in this case, all five buildings, surveillance system. The three cameras provide the necessary and impeccable image detail to capture activities, including faces of individuals within range, license plates and many other minute details.

To complete the system, the eight channel standalone NVR and 5-megapixel resolution NVRs ensure the detailed camera footages are recorded efficiently and effectively for viewing. Four 5-megapixel NVRs were installed in the monitoring office, enabling security personnel to have full access to the system, while two standalone NVRs were installed in each security guard room. The NVRs were integrated with the entire network via fibre optic cables.

“ Now we can see everything clear from a far distance,” said Gjonaj, who also explained that in the past the large areas and distances among buildings made it impossible to monitor activities. In addition, the cost efficient installation was a much-welcomed bonus to the project. Incidentally, the system is highly scalable and will serve Our Lady of Good Counsel for many years.

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