Chinese aluminum product maker monitors production with IP eyes

Chinese aluminum product maker monitors production with IP eyes

Located in China's Fuzhou Province, aluminum manufacturer Chalco Ruimin, recently deployed an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of 170 VIVOTEK cameras and VMS to monitor the factory and generate footage for operator training. The project was implemented by system integrator KTInfo. Chalco is part of the state-owned enterprise Aluminum Corporation of China, which is the world's second-largest alumina producer.

The camera models installed include PTZ network cameras, network bullet camera  and 7000-series speed domes. Most of the cameras are used to monitor the production process inside plants. Real-time monitoring of the video feeds using the VMS' streaming server allows for quick responses to incidents and equipment failures. Video is also recorded via VMS, archived for review and the aforementioned training purposes. The VMS was chosen for its centralized administration and extensible architecture

As for the specific camera models used, the PTZ network cameras is a D1-resolution box camera, sold mostly in China. According to Wu Ben Chen, Account Manager of KTInfo, this model was chosen for its Sony HAD CCD sensor, which provides superior light sensitivity. "That's important because Chalco Ruimin wanted to capture very clear video, especially for their training purposes, but the lighting was not always the best," said Chen. Dual streaming also gave the manufacturer the flexibility to use one high-resolution stream for recording, and another lower-resolution stream for routine real-time monitoring.

For particularly sensitive locations such as entry and exit points, the 2-megapixel network bullet camera was used. The camera also offers outdoor-specific features like concealed wiring to thwart tampering, weather-proofing, and D/N recording. The 7000 series speed domes, a variety of different models of which have been deployed in a range of different locations, also provide high-resolution video monitoring D/N, along with continuous 360 degree pan and 90 degree tilt, easily controlled manually via a mouse or a joystick, or configurable with presets for patrolling.

Chalco Ruimin is taking advantage of the VMS matrix server, adopting six server machines, each with a four video-out ports for connection to a TV wall, allowing for real-time monitoring at a central control room. The solution enables the security staff to respond to emergency promptly and effectively.

 The VIVOTEK solution-based monitoring system has already proved its worth, providing 24-hour surveillance that was able to pinpoint the cause of an incident in which a vehicle crashed into a loading gate. High-quality archived footage is providing ideal as training videos for new equipment operators as well. Chalco Ruimin plans to continue using VIVOTEK cameras in newly built plants.


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