Assa Abloy/HID cards compatible with Rosslare Security readers

Assa Abloy/HID cards compatible with Rosslare Security readers

Rosslare Security, a provider of professional access control and intrusion solutions, announced the release of its new line of readers that support both standard Rosslare PROX cards (ASK) and HID Prox cards (FSK).

The goPROX AYC family is a series of convertible PIN/Proximity readers with Genuine HID Technology. The goPROX AYC series (AYC-E60/F60/G60/M60/Q60/T60) automatically determines whether to function as a reader or as a secured standalone controller. If the unit is connected to a standard access control unit, then it functions as a reader. If the unit is connected to a Rosslare secured intelligent power supply such as the PS-A25T, PS-C25T, or PS-C25TU, it functions as a 500-user secured standalone controller.

Rosslare offers the largest multi-application portfolio of readers to secure businesses and enterprises such as financial, medical, and industrial. The readers can read all HID Prox cards/tags (125 kHz FSK) using Genuine HID Technology and outputs HID Prox card data in Wiegand format according to the number of bits of data stored on the card. The units also read Rosslare PROX cards (125 kHz) and can output Rosslare PROX card data as Wiegand 26-Bit, Clock & Data, and Wiegand + PIN.

With this family, Rosslare offers dual modulation (ASK, FSK) and dual-authentication with Proximity + PIN and convertible (reader/controller) functionality.

The goPROX family is UL approved, meaning the goPROX products were tested and approved to hold the highest safety standards in the United States.

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