UK boutique hotel operator rolls out standardized surveillance at 14 locations

UK boutique hotel operator rolls out standardized surveillance at 14 locations

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels, a luxury hotel franchise in UK with 14 distinctive hotels ranging from bijou boutique to large-scale luxury, located in London, Heathrow, Guildford and Manchester, recently upgraded its more than 700-camera analog video surveillance system with a new standardized analog system consisting of Samsung Techwin cameras and 40 DVRs. The hotel has entered a long term single source supply relationship agreement with Samsung, to equip all its hotels with Samsung video surveillance solution.

The safety of guests and staff has always been the hotel's top priority and Radisson has never hesitated to invest in the latest video surveillance technology. However, this resulted in many different types of cameras and recording devices from various manufacturers being deployed across its hotels. Mohamed Elsebahy, Group CCTV Manager, held a strong opinion that significant operational advantages could be achieved by a process of standardization. The hotel researched whether it would be possible to single source all the components of a video surveillance system from one manufacturer, said Elesbahy.

The starting point for the detailed research as to what products would best match Radisson's demanding requirements was the video recording solution. Although images from the 700 plus domes installed across the 14 hotels can be viewed live at control rooms located at Heathrow and London, the key objective has always been to record activity captured by the cameras so that any incidents or suspicious activity can be investigated, and if appropriate, video evidence can be retrieved and passed onto the police for prosecution purposes.

Samsung's DVR, which can simultaneously record real time images across all of its 16 channels at 4CIF was chosen after a four month trial, however, the hotel required certain adjustments. “We identified from our operational perspective some shortcomings in the list of features available in the VMS that is provided with the DVR,” said Nick Kalsi, Technology Consultant of the hotel. “What we felt was missing was the ability to name the DVRs, make brightness adjustments and also to manage the printing of images via the software.” Samsung customized the DVRs to meet the hotel's specifications.

Images from the 700 domes are recorded at different frame rates depending on the type and level of activity anticipated at each camera location and all of the images are stored for 30 days. So far 200 units have been replaced with either IR internal domes, WDR indoor domes or with vandal-resistant external domes. The remaining 500 units will be replaced in the near future as part of a phased upgrade program.

"Working closely with a single manufacturer has proved to be a great success as they have been able to provide objective advice on the correct camera model for every location,” said Mohamed Elsebahy. Local police officers have also commented that the video surveillance system at Heathrow hotel is one of the most reliable of many hotels on the A4 strip. Radisson is in the process of testing Samsung's NVRs with a view to migrating from an analog based system to a networked IP solution.

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