Italian housing complex keeps eye on underground parking with IP control center

 Italian housing complex keeps eye on underground parking with IP  control center

The Aventis Tecnoliving housing complex, recently constructed and located in a strategic position for access to amenities and key location in the new heart of Brescia, Italy, deployed a closed-circuit video control system to give residents and visitors using its underground parking facility peace of mind, at any hour of the day or night. The system is based on a one-Gbps LAN network with around 39 Axis minidomes, a control room with remote connection, and VMS in its parking area. The system integrator for the complex is P.A. Integrated Systems.


The system covers both underground parking levels, the first of which is reserved for residents and the public, and the second, used almost exclusively by the stores that are located within the complex. The low light fixed domes were positioned to cover areas of particular risk: three cameras for each of the four sets of stairs present at every level, six cameras for the passageways on each floor, one for the entry and exit ramps on the first floor and two for those on the second. “Point-to-point” architecture is used for this system. The anti-vandal fixed dome model chosen has exceptional light sensitivity, and provides high quality video and color images even in low light conditions, a feature useful for identification purposes.


The control room in the stairwell uses Axis VMS, which allows users to schedule recording as required, making video data available in real time, and permitting 24-hour remote viewing. “The video surveillance architecture, equipped with Axis cameras, is discreetly integrated, with intrusion detection systems and home automation technology within apartments and shops,” said Cesare Allegri, Manager at Aventis.


The solution adopted led to the perpetrators of a car theft being identified, and the system guarantees the safety and security of the entire area without the need for on-site staff. The video surveillance system can also identify the location of traffic jams in the car park and detect the reason for these in real-time, while simultaneously collecting anonymous data for the study and analysis of vehicle flows. Looking at the future, the housing complex has requested that a further extension of the system be considered.

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