Top US bank upgrades 1,300 branches and facilities using hybrid solution

Top US bank upgrades 1,300 branches and facilities using hybrid solution

The Fifth Third Bancorp (FTB), one of the top 15 banks in the U.S., has launched an upgrade program to replace more than 1,600 of its existing March Networks NVRs with new hybrid models. The bank has already initiated the deployment, which reaches across its 1,300 full-service branches, data centers, corporate offices, operations and cash-handling facilities in the U.S.


"With the hybrid NVRs, we gain expanded IP camera capacity, dramatically improved image quality from existing analog cameras, and support for a range of software options that we hope to adopt in the future to combat losses from fraudulent transactions," said Mike Neugebauer, VP and Senior Manager of Safety and Security at FTB.


The recorders supports 32 IP cameras in an all IP video deployment, or hybrid combination of up to 16 analog and 16 IP cameras, which enables the bank to continue adding HD IP video capabilities, while taking full advantage of its existing analog surveillance investments. The NVRs' clear videos, also offers the improved image quality critical to identifying bill denominations and other detail. Advanced H.264 video compression ensures that the noticeably sharper video quality is captured without increasing bandwidth or storage requirements.


FTB is currently evaluating video and data analytics software for the financial industry, which is supported by the hybrid NVR platform. The software is proven to help banks and credit unions significantly reduce fraudulent losses through centralized searches on correlated surveillance video, transaction data, license plate numbers, colors, and facial images. The software proactively detects ATM skimming and cash harvesting, speeds investigations and helps financial institutions deliver clear and compelling case evidence to law enforcement. In addition, FTB is assessing the use of the software's queue-monitoring and loitering analytics enabled on the hybrid NVRs to gather valuable operational data, such as how customers are interacting with new self-serve kiosks it is introducing in select branches.



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