IKEA in Spain deploys smart POS

IKEA in Spain deploys smart POS

IKEA, the famous Swedish manufacturer of furniture and home products deployed an intelligent POS surveillance system for its store in the Spanish city of Murcia based on AxxonSoft's POS platform. A total of 32 cameras including both network and analog cameras were installed at the entrances, cash register, and checkout areas. The system was implemented by WAF Digital Structures and local installer Prosegur.

IKEA required an integrated security system to combine smart store surveillance with monitoring of cash register areas, as well as to track and prevent fraud attempts. Special attention was paid to entrances and nearby spaces as well as to cash register areas. A total of 12 analog cameras and four IP cameras made by Brickcom were installed. Among these were 1.3-megapixel dome network cameras with digital and optical zoom.

The checkout area was equipped with 12 cameras, while entrances were equipped with four. A special feature was added to the integrated solution: alerts in case of repeated/unauthorized use of gift cards, which was a key requirement for a store that regularly holds promotions and sales. The system includes two servers and a POS intellect module; three remote operators can use the system simultaneously.

Smart surveillance systems are crucial for any mall or store, regardless of its size or product range. These systems increase profitability, protect staff and customers, and enhance customer service. But they are especially important at popular stores, which experience the greatest personnel workloads and risk of theft, fraud, and unruly behavior. The Intellect-based integrated security system met the client's needs of monitoring checkout transactions and included effective video surveillance and tracking of alerts and alarms.

The history of AxxonSoft's partnership with IKEA has plenty of precedents, such as the intellect-based solutions at IKEA stores in Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg in Russia.

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