Cali beverage firm manages multisite access in the cloud

Cali beverage firm manages multisite access in the cloud

Nor-Cal Beverage, a family-owned beverage company founded in 1937 in Anaheim, commissioned a cloud-based access control system to manage five distributed facilities between Anaheim and Fullerton. The system from Brivo Systems was installed in March 2011 by Tyco Integrated Security. The system manages all critical access points at both external and internal doors, and keeps track of time and attendance of the 220 employees, temporary staff and vendors at the 7.3-hectare (18-acre) Anaheim production facility and Fullerton distribution center.

In the past, Nor-Cal had relied on standard lock and key to secure buildings and a Kronos time-keeping system to manage attendance and parking lot access. The company could only obtain information of personnel entering the facility; with the Brivo system, the company can receive bidirectional data, said Marcy Mackie, Office Manager. The changes in US bioterrorism-related laws were the driving factor behind the upgrade.

The new system allows Nor-Cal to divide its staff into 30 groups, with different day, time and location access privileges according to specific needs. At the Fullerton distribution center, the system manages key external doors and two parking areas, along with internal access points that include the administrative offices, engineering offices, a stockroom, a public scale trailer and dock doors. The Anaheim facility incorporates production, warehousing, administration and a public truck scale.

The system allows management to make changes on a day-to-day basis, and can be used to back up attendance information. For example, Mackie could use the most up-to-date access records anytime to hold employees accountable for failing to properly close gates in critical areas, and prevent future security lapses.

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