Nedap explains wireless parking sensors

Nedap explains wireless parking sensors

Nedap strongly increased its footprint in the world of parking as a direct result of the SENSIT: wireless ground sensors that detect real-time vehicle occupancy at each individual parking spot.

Real-time parking data benefits
SENSIT offers a network of wireless ground sensors that detect the real-time occupancy of every single parking space. The system provides accurate data about the current parking situation to manage traffic flow efficiently, to create service for visitors and a better utilization of existing parking facilities.

Accurate parking sensor solution
People who are interested in innovative parking solutions understand these benefits and recognize the potential applications, but often are not yet aware of 'the reasons why' SENSIT is that accurate. Different elements ensure the impressive performance of Nedap's parking sensor system, such as:

1) double sensor technology (magnetic sensor + infrared eye) provides high accuracy levels under all weather conditions
2) fast, robust and scalable wireless network
3) proven battery lifetime of >5 years
4) 8 years of field experience in multiple installations world wide
5) different sensor models for on- and off-street parking applications
6) easy to integrate into third party systems through documented SOAP interfaces
7) real-time data output improves performance of traffic, guidance and enforcement software
8) the system is fully wireless. No cables are needed, not for sensors, not for peripherals

Real-time parking information is an essential component of efficient traffic and parking management. When cities are able to map out the total overview of parking occupancy visitors can be accurately informed about travel times, access routes and parking availability via dynamic signage on-street, smart phone apps or on-board navigation systems.

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