IndigoVision bucks the trend with SD cams and audio capability

IndigoVision bucks the trend with SD cams and audio capability

The IndigoVision IP camera range has been boosted with the launch of the newly enhanced Standard Definition (SD) camera range, including the 9000 range of fixed and fixed dome cameras, complimenting the existing IndigoVision HD and megapixel camera ranges.

Traditionally audio may not have been seen as a priority in the video surveillance sector and as a result most IP cameras use outdated audio encoding technologies such as G.711 and G.728 compression. These technologies deliver poor quality audio, especially when picking up sounds other than the human voice, such as breaking glass. However, a new breed of security professionals in the industry are taking a different approach to audio, demanding high quality audio in their video surveillance projects.

"People often think of audio in the security industry as being a niche application." stated Alex Swanson, IndigoVision's Head of Engineering. "Before, most applications for audio were in a police custody type environment but we're seeing rising video surveillance markets, such as Australia and Brazil, using audio more creatively. We've had a number of cities in Latin America using the IndigoVision solution as part of "help points" located around the city, where citizens can simply press a button to have instant two-way communication with the central monitoring location. Because the audio in our cameras use advanced audio coding, it means that you can hear much more than the human voice - gunshots, breaking glass or even footsteps. By adding this functionality into more of our IP cameras, it means we're now meeting the demands of these markets and making it even easier for remote viewing and communication."

In addition to audio, the IndigoVision SD camera range has had significant video performance improvements resulting in further enhanced video quality and significant storage cost reduction.

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