Pennsylvania aeronautical services provider saves on insurance premiums with HD surveillance

Pennsylvania aeronautical services provider saves on insurance premiums with HD surveillance

Avigilon announced that Millennium Aviation (MA), a fixed-base operator (FBO) in Reading, Pennsylvania has obtained favorable insurance premiums with the deployment of Avigilion HD surveillance system. MA installed the system to secure aircraft valued at more than US$100 million, safeguard staff and passengers, and protect itself against false liability claims, and chose the system due to its high-resolution image quality, reliable network connectivity and simplified management tools.

"It is very difficult and costly to get insurance in our line of business, but the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system gives underwriters the assurance that they are making a safe investment," said Peter Knight, CEO of MA. "Deductibles can range from $10,000 to $50,000 for FBOs that have experienced a lot of liability issues or security breaches. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system helps drive our deductible down."

MA installed Avigilon HD cameras throughout the FBO main entrance, lobby, hanger, parking areas, and fuel storage area. They also installed 29 megapixel cameras to effectively monitor the entire airport ramp, which allows the airline to zoom in from 100 feet and clearly capture a two inch section of an aircraft to check for damage to protect itself against false liability claims and save thousands of dollars each year.

The management team uses Avigilon's management software with HD streaming technology from their workstations; with the mobile software management can monitor facility maintenance remotely, call in additional staff if required, and conduct training to ensure proper procedures are being followed. The team leverages mobile management software to view live and recorded images wirelessly from anywhere on the network and installed an Avigilon NVR to store up to 30 days of continuous surveillance footage.

The Avigilon HD surveillance system was installed on the airport's existing network to manage the system and is integrated with the FBO's access control system to monitor its vehicle entrance gate and remotely grant access when required.

Bryan Schmode, Executive VP of Global Sales at Avigilon, said the HD surveillance system helps users protect property and ensure safety in the long term.

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