GM in China drives customer satisfaction through IP

GM in China drives customer satisfaction through IP

To help General Motors (GM) provide a new personalized Internet service to increase customer satisfaction in China, Axis Communication in partnership with Shanghai Ziya Information Technology installed video surveillance systems and complementary management software in 600 GM 4S stores nationwide.

The new Internet service, known as E-server, will enable customers to check the status and condition of their cars via the Internet. The video surveillance systems installed help relay real-time transmission of license plate recognition footages, inspection, fault verification, repair and maintenance.

Axis day/night HD cameras were installed from the inspection lanes at the stores to ensure images of license plates were captured clearly. Compact HD cameras were used to carry out concurrent surveillance and survey the work area. License plate images on vehicles entering the inspection lanes are captured and sent to the E-Server platform, which processes and classifies the information. The server then generates a link on the 4S Store website, which users can access after logging onto the site.

The launch of the servers allows customers to view the situation of their vehicles via the Internet anytime, anywhere. Customers can view the entire repair or maintenance procedure of their cars by downloading an app on their iPad or other devices. This innovative service model has helped enhance customer satisfaction and raised the level of services at GM stores.

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