NuSkin goes wireless wrinkle-free

NuSkin goes wireless wrinkle-free

When Sentinel Systems, a leading Utah based security integration company specializing in IP Video solutions, put in a cold call to NuSkin, a huge company that distributes 200+ anti-aging products in 53 international markets, they were hoping for an opportunity to serve the company's security needs. Instead, their call was forwarded on to NuSkin's A/V department. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Russ Belliston, Producer/Director and Video Specialist at NuSkin, was preparing to work on a time lapse HD video documentary that would chronicle the progress of the construction of a new addition to its corporate headquarters building. NuSkin planned to use the video as a sales tool to showcase its growth and expansion and send it to their 800,000 + distributors around the world. They had just one little problem: Where to start?

As Belliston explains, NuSkin hired Sentinel Systems to come up with a way to record an entire city block from many directions at once. The system also had to be portable enough to be easily moved as old buildings were demolished and new office buildings and parking structures were built. The objective was to provide a working solution for NuSkin to make HD video recordings for advertising purposes. The beauty of it was that when the buildings were finished, the products and system could then be used by NuSkin's Security department.

Fluidmesh Technology Increased NuSkin's Productivity and Decreased Costs
Randy Bathemess, CEO and Pete Floor, Installation Manager of Sentinel Systems had some challenges on their hands. "Finding a wireless product that would do the job was a major issue," Bathemess points out. "We tried a few products that failed miserably, mainly because of the noisy environment in downtown Provo, Utah. There are just too many networks in that area, between the courthouse, police and fire departments, hotels, offices, and restaurants." Wireless mesh, he contends, was the only way to go on a job like this without recording at individual cameras. "Fluidmesh' wireless technology increased NuSkin's productivity and decreased their costs," he adds.

This relieved a lot of production headaches for NuSkin's Video Specialist! "The Fluidmesh antennas were able to safeguard our cameras, so now we have our wireless cameras delivering the video to our server," Belliston reports. "We are super happy with Sentinel Systems and the system. It's meeting our needs beautifully. The video is still in production, but when it is completed, the system will be ready for use by our Security department."

Sentinel Systems' call to NuSkin proved a productive one for all. "The system has exceeded NuSkin's expectations for reliability," Bathemess adds, "Without the cooperation of the other downtown businesses that allowed the RDUs to be temporarily placed, this video could not have been produced like this. Some images in NuSkin's production were shot from a block away with complete clarity and no loss of video because of network drops. Bravo Fluidmesh!"

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