Australian recreational club goes hybrid in multisite upgrades

Australian recreational club goes hybrid in multisite upgrades

Central Coast Leagues Club (CCLC) in Australia has more than 47,000 members since it was formed in 1956. The tri-levelled club house where people can overlook Gosford's Brisbane river, is a vital entity in this region, injecting millions of dollars into the local economy since it's inception. Countless business and community groups utilize the first class facilities offered by the three club houses.

Business Objective
CCLC was looking for a solution that was easy to manage, had a high recording rate along with longevity of recorded material. The biggest challenge was ensuring that there was little-to-no down time while the new system being installed, and no disruptions to club patrons, who enjoy a variety of entertainment options.

The previous system that was installed at CCLC was close to 10 years old and was not only cumbersome but costly to maintain. The system, a VHS analog CCTV solution, had a six-week rotation of tapes which made finding events tiresome and difficult. It no longer had the ability to manage the clubs requirements or cope with real-time events.

During the planning phase of the surveillance upgrade, it was determined that the new system would be required to provide full coverage of most areas throughout the club, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, which is part of their legal requirement as a licensed premises.

It was also identified that the new systems would be required to leverage off existing infrastructure, provide simple functionality and offer a long life. Another factor that needed to be considered during the equipment selection was the different types of environments it would be installed into, and ensuring that CCLC would receive the best system performance possible without it having to be manned 24/7.

The Bosch solution, installed by Summit Security & Electronics, consists of eight Bosch 700 Series Hybrid DVRs and 116 Dinion 2X Minidomes and Dinion 2X Full Body Cameras.

The system has the ability to provide quality images at the required frame rate using H.264 recording. The system's 8TB capacity is currently holding 40 days recording, providing CCLC with the large storage capacity as required.

The system provides CCLC with the ability to review footage after-the-fact even if it is not directly related to the club but has occurred in an area that is captured by the new system.

The Result
The system has provided a solution for the customer that results in them achieving all of their requirements. The system is fast and easy to operate at a fraction of the cost of the old one, as well as being in-line with local law enforcement policies. This solution has strengthened relationships with other agencies such as police and the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing with the ease of playback, quality images and reliability that the new Bosch solution provides.

Daniel Brian, Operations Manager of CCLC commented that “when choosing Bosch, we looked for the best performance and the simplest functionality. We needed to bring everything up to speed and this sets us up for the next 10 years. And if we need to go to IP with CCTV, then we can do so".

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