Madrid retail and entertainment complex entrusts customer safety to surveillance and PA systems

Madrid retail and entertainment complex entrusts customer safety to surveillance and PA systems

Islazul,  located in the Pau de Carabanchel district in Spain, is one of Madrid's largest retail, entertainment and services complexes, covering an area of 256,000 square meters. Spread over three floors, it has a total of 180 stores. Its spacious and light facilities are a huge draw for the public, as the complex is lit up with natural light from the lightweight ETFE roof and it features environmentally-friendly bioclimatic architecture.

In such a unique building that combines all the latest innovations in shopping mall architecture, one had to take care not to let the visible elements of the security systems detract from the esthetics of the surroundings. The biggest challenge was configuring a reliable CCTV system that would monitor sales floors and the parking lots, and a public address and voice evacuation system that would play ambient music as well as provide standard and emergency audible warnings.

Cameras and domes from the Bosch AutoDome 300 Series and the latest-generation Bosch Divar recorders were chosen for the CCTV system as they met all the security requirements. The challenge with the sound system was to combine performance and esthetics on the floors with large spaces and extremely high ceilings: the Bosch MCS 3500 wide-range ceiling loudspeakers and EVAC-compliant hemi-directional suspended loudspeaker turned out to be the perfect acoustic solution both in terms of sound quality and power and top notch design, making them easy to integrate into large-scale iconic buildings.

With the multifunctional Bosch public address system, which can be used for standard and evacuation announcements as well as ambient music, visitors not only enjoy a uniform, high quality sound, but the security of the people and facilities in the area is also guaranteed.

“The Ingevision group specializes in large-scale installations. Our client is highly satisfied with Bosch solutions. For us, the Islazul shopping mall is a landmark project that has provided us with a way in to other similar projects. Our intention is to continue developing and maintaining our commitment to engineering and technological development. To achieve this objective, we will continue to count on the collaboration of a manufacturer of innovative technology such as Bosch.”

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