American Dynamics releases new line of analog cams

American Dynamics releases new line of analog cams
American Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, announced its new line of Discover analog cameras. From the cost-effective 300 Series for budget-conscious customers to the high- performance 500 and 700 Series using Sony Effio and PIXIM Seawolf technologies for true day/night, these cameras are well suited for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. This extensive analog camera line, comprised of indoor and outdoor (vandal-resistant) mini-domes, bullet and box models, fulfills customers' diverse camera requirements.
Discover 300 Series cameras offer an attractive price/performance ratio by providing higher resolution images and accurate color rendition without taxing security budgets. Low light sensitivity renders sharp images in scenes as dim as 0.5 lux. DSP combined with 600 TVL delivers clear picture quality typically available only from more expensive models.
Discover 500 Series cameras, complete with Sony Effio technology, provide a horizontal resolution of over 700 TVL which captures more natural, high-definition video for clearer, more realistic images. These cameras provide a full range of true color pictures with higher sensitivity in less than ideal lighting conditions compared to conventional CCTV cameras. Mini-domes and bullets offer IR illuminators for operation in scenes of less than .5 lux, even in complete darkness.
Discover 700 Series cameras leverage Pixim Seawolf technology, the industry's highest resolution (690 HTVL-E), greatest wide dynamic range and best low-light performance of any analog technology on the market. These cameras deliver extremely accurate images, both day/night, in extremely challenging lighting conditions. Capturing true color with distinctive contrasts in dark/dimly lit environments helps avoid diminishing color common in analog cameras with CCD sensors. Conversely, these cameras work well in any type of indoor or brightly lit conditions by eliminating glare even in the brightest light. Mini-domes and bullets offer IR illuminators for operation in less than .5 lux scenes.

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