Historic city in Georgia modernizes public security with Messoa cams

Historic city in Georgia modernizes public security with Messoa cams

Situated at the foothills of the Trialeti mountain range, Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is an ancient city founded in the fifth century. Although Tbilisi has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times, the layout of the Old Town remains mostly intact with narrow alleys and traditional architecture, drawing tourists to this historic city.

In 2011, the municipal administration of Tbilisi kicked off a renovation project to modernize the city, especially some of the old districts. A vital part of this project was to replace the old CCTV surveillance systems with an integrated IP-based system. This 2-year project aimed to provide a more modernized, safer urban environment for its residents and the foreign visitors.

Securing street corners with IP Technology from MESSOA
The old CCTV system was hindered by its technical limitation and the city's hilly terrain; therefore, the municipal government was looking for an extremely reliable IP-based solution, which provides high image quality and scalability to overcome the issues they were having with the analog system. With the aim to enhance security, namely crime prevention, municipal property protection, and rapid response in case of incidents, a total of 300 cameras will be installed at strategic street corners or security hot spots across the entire city.

After examining proposals from several competitors, the city chose United Security, a local system integrator specialized in IP video surveillance technology, to implement this large-scale project. To meet the city's surveillance demands while achieving the best possible performance, United Security opted for MESSOA NCR870 Full HD network cameras for the job.

Full HD performance ensures public safety
The NCR870 is an outdoor-ready infrared (IR) network camera featuring exceptional Full HDTV video quality to capture every movement in the monitored scene. Powered by the proprietary Lumii Low Light Optimizing Technology, the camera is also built in with IR illumination up to 25 meters to provide noise-free images around the clock. The NCR870's IP67-rated weatherproof housing ensures reliable operation to cope with the rainy climate in South Caucasus. The streamlined, compact profile of the NCR870 suits the modernizing urban landscape.

Thus far, 75 cameras have been deployed in the downtown area as the project continues to expand to the rest of Tbilisi. With the new IP system in place, the security staff at the central surveillance station now is able to view real-time video streams in megapixel clarity and to respond quickly to any incident spotted on the monitor screen.

The municipality administration is also pleased with the results they are seeing. They are especially satisfied with the image quality they are getting from the NCR870 Full HD cameras and the level of centralized control over the area that they did not have before. They are confident the city of Tbilisi will soon become a friendly environment not only for the citizens, but also for the visitors from around the world.

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