Samsung Techwin launches DIY kits in the U.S.

Samsung Techwin launches DIY kits in the U.S.

Samsung Techwin America made home and business security even easier and more accessible with the introduction of two new, all-in-one CCTV kits, the SDE-4003 and SDE-5003.

The SDE-4003 and SDE-5003 do-it-yourself security kits make it easy to keep an eye on a home or business. Boasting high resolution, indoor/outdoor, night vision cameras, a DVR with a surveillance class SATA hard disk for 24/7 recording and the ability to remote access from anywhere at any time, the SDE-4003 and SDE-5003 security systems raise the bar for the competition. "You can't put a price tag on peace of mind, but with the new SDE-4003 and SDE-5003 CCTV kits, we're giving consumers the ability to achieve exactly that at an affordable price," said Mike Palazzolo, VP Sales and Marketing, consumer video monitoring and security products, Samsung Techwin America. "This is a robust video surveillance system that inches the bar even higher for the competition, while at the same time lowers the barrier of entry for consumers who are looking for surveillance capabilities of this caliber."

Acknowledging the surging popularity of connected devices in the home, Samsung also provides countless options for accessing the SDE-4003 and SDE-5003 remotely, including via a web browser, its dedicated desktop computer software or free mobile apps which are available for Android or iOS. No matter where in the world they may be or what device or operating system they are using, with Samsung's new all-in-one SDE-4003 and SDE-5003 consumers will have peace of mind with monitoring that is just one click away.

The SDE-4003 comes equipped with four sleek and slim, high-resolution 480TVL cameras which can be mounted up to 200 feet away from the DVR using included Siamese BNC cables. The high-resolution cameras also feature powerful infrared LEDs which provide up to 50 feet of low light or nighttime viewing. Whether the sun is out or the rain or snow is coming down heavy, the cameras can withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store as they're constructed to be weather resistant.

The DVR included with the SDE-4003 gives users a high-capacity 1TB SATA hard disk for storage, eight channels with BNC inputs, scheduled and motion detection recording, up to ten remote user connectivity and H.264 video compression recording; perfect for personalizing a setup or 24 hour real-time recording. Consumers can also receive automatic e-mail alerts on events such as motion or camera signal loss.

The SDE-5003 doubles what's offered on the SDE-4003 with eight cameras, 16 channels, and a 1TB SATA hard disk for expanded storage capacity and real-time recording.

From initial setup to ongoing operation, Samsung never loses sight of the user experience and incorporates features and functionalities that capitalize on ease of use. The setup and networking of connected cameras and devices can be a difficult process; however, Samsung ensures the utmost ease of use for even the most inexperienced, non-tech savvy consumer. Thanks to Samsung's integrated Quick Connect technology, the SDE-4003 and SDE-5003 will automatically configure the user's home router and manage all required port forwarding so that all remote requests to access live feeds are directed to the appropriate connected camera on the network.

Simplicity continues with Samsung's free DDNS service. Residing on Samsung's servers, the free DDNS service makes sure that dynamic IP addresses assigned by the user's ISP are recorded and updated accordingly so that the web portal can make the connection for those who wish to access the DVR from a location outside their home network.

Navigating the system also proves easy thanks to a user-friendly interface, simple menu structure, a virtual keyboard, included USB mouse and remote, as well as multiple search options for video retrieval and thumbnail previews of searches. For easier video exporting, Samsung has included two high speed USB 2.0 ports which are easily accessible on the front of the DVR.

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